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Last Days in Montreal! – Montreal Pre-College Enrichment

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On Thursday, the students went to the Cirque Festival on St. Denis Street! The festival had a circus theme with clowns and street performers, and we were encouraged to try some of Montreal’s most unique restaurants along the way.

montreal pre college enrichment blog 3 photo 1On Saturday, the students went to La Ronde, Canada’s second largest amusement park. The students, if they were feeling adventurous, could tackle these amazing roller coasters: Le Vampire, Le Monstre, and Ednor. However, if they were looking for something more relaxing, they could go on Splash!, the log ride.

In the evening, we watched 30 minutes of fireworks in the lake in the middle of the theme park. The firework pierced the Montreal sky with beauty and grace, and the Jacques Cartier Bridge was the perfect background for this display. After the fireworks had ended, the students got to watch the bridge light up to celebrate the 375th birthday of Montreal.

On Sunday, the students went to the historical Tam-Tams on Mount-Royal. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a drum circle with at least 30 people playing, while fully-painted individuals based on the colors of the rainbow danced. At the top of the mountain, there were live action role players (LARPers) fighting with fake swords, arrows, and axes.

That evening, the students went to the Just for Laughs (JFL) festival and watched some great acts: Steve Byrne, Jessica Kirson, Alonzo Bodden, and many more! After the show, the students walked around and ate some of Montreal’s unique street food while watching small-time comedy shows and street performers.  

The final week of classes had many highlights! Here are a few of them:

– In entrepreneurship, the class went on a field trip to Maluuba, a start up company creating artificial intelligence, and learned the highs and lows of the business before Microsoft bought them. They also visited Hibernum Corporation, which is responsible for mobile games like Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match, Saber’s Edge, and Dice with Ellen.

-In Social Media Marketing, the students presented their knowledge and suggestions in a presentation to “Montreal 375” on how they can increase engagement across their social media platforms.

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– In Emotional Intelligence, there was a guest speaker from Fuze HR who described how to make a good impression when in an interview.

– In 3D Animation, Beam Me Up Animation gave a guest lecture while the students continued to work on their painting and texturing their 3D models.

– The culture class has been touring around Montreal and learning all about the city’s history and identity.

– The cooking class worked on making amazing homemade white hot chocolate and ice caps.

– In French class, the students learned how to order and ask about one of the most important things in Montreal: chocolate!

On the last night of our time in Montreal students laughed and smiled as they exchanged fond memories of the program. Clearly this is a special group of students, who enjoyed each other’s company, and plan to keep in touch for many summers to come. We hope those who departed the program in Montreal are relaxing at home, and are happy to report that those in Boston are keeping the fun and spirit going!

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