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Field Trip of Dreams – Pre-College Enrichment California

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The past five days have been fun-filled with visits to boardwalks and piers, a movie night and even karaoke. A few of our classes also had the opportunity to go on some incredible field trips!

Psychology has been delving deep into the minds of people and stepping into the world of social psychology. Participants in the TOEFL class have been hard at work perfecting their English abilities and both college prep classes took a break with a “class on the grass” after completing their resumes and lists of prospective schools.

Led by photojournalist and instructor Julia, the students in the L.A. Digital Photo class have ventured across Los Angeles on their hunt for the perfectphoto. Learning to take candid photos and portraits has been made all the more rewarding by the iconic locations the class has traveled to, including Venice Beach, Union Station and the Fashion District. The students even had their very own photo shoot at the Los Angeles Center of Photography where they put their skills to the test and seized the opportunity to use all the techniques they have learned thus far.

The students in the U.S. law class have been learning about different aspects of the law through engaging activities, such as playing an exciting trivia game to review concepts. Additionally, they visited the 9th circuit court of appeals, where after a tour of the building, they heard a variety of oral arguments.

The Business Entrepreneurship class embarked on a trip to an incubator called SAM Preccelerator in downtown Los Angeles. An incubator is a place where tech startup companies work during the beginning stages of development. Some of the students were even able to pitch their company ideas and receive feedback. The class also got to hear from the CEO of Preccelerator’s most successful company!

Also this week, the students in the film class had the opportunity to visit the backlot of Universal Studios, specifically on a set called Colonial Street, which also happens to be the same set where Desperate Housewives was filmed! Last week we all saw these sets from the tram tour, but now the film class was working on set while watching the tours drive by! The best part about being on set was that each student had the chance to direct their very own short film which they will edit next week back in the classroom.

pce blog 3 photo 1 california

Often when the students are released from their second class of the day, there is a fun activity planned for them. These activities frequently include exploring recognizable attractions from movies and tv shows set within the greater Los Angeles area. This past Sunday we ventured to Venice Beach, where the boardwalk was filled with visitors and vendors showcasing their creative and diverse skills. The vendors ranged from artists, jewelers, chefs and performers. Each person we encountered walking or skating along the sidewalk had their own personality that was quintessential of life in L.A. Afterwards, the group headed over to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, which has been called “the coolest block in America.” This area is home to one-of-a-kind local goods, as well as internationally recognized brands. It was a truly unique experience.

The next three nights’ activities included a movie, an evening program re-enacting a TV game show and a trip to Santa Monica Pier. The pier was truly a surreal experience, as we sampled cotton candy and funnel cake. The students happily rode rides, including a roller coaster, “the egg scrambler” and the most popular attraction, the iconic Ferris wheel. Taking the Ferris wheel to the top gave everyone a beautiful view of the city and coastline. The magnificent views, with even more amazing company, really helped made this night one to remember.

It may have only been two week since our program’s start, but the friendships made will surely last a lifetime.

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