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Spanish Sights, History, and Culture! – ON TOUR Spain & Portugal

The day began with some time to explore the local neighborhood for a first taste of Spanish cuisine. Afterwards, after some bonding time on the rooftop pool, the group headed out into the Old Quarters of Sevilla to explore Parque Luisa Maria using quad bikes! The six boys challenged their trip director, Nick, and trip leader, Alex, to a race, thinking they’d win, only to be left in the dust by their “old” staff!

sevilla spain portugal on tour blog 2 photo 1The group then had time to explore the narrow and winding streets of the city before heading out for their first true tapas meal in the old city. Needless to say that the automated mist generators above our heads were very appreciated, given that the temperature in Sevilla broke a record-high during our stay! We can say we lived through a historic moment together!

The following day, we headed out for our guided visit of the Royal Palace Alcázar, the beautiful Sevilla Cathedral, and a challenging but worthwhile climb up the Giralda tower. After lunch, we learnt about the history of bullfighting, and had the opportunity to walk in the bullfighting arena and appreciate the importance of this Spanish tradition. Another way to keep up with traditional ways of life, we all had a blast when we took our own flamenco dancing lesson. It’s undoubtedly a very difficult dance, and although none of us foresee a career in flamenco dancing, we sure had a great time dancing all together!

sevilla spain portugal on tour blog 2 photo 2That night, after a great dinner as a family, we headed out to a dance club, where we made sure to get the party started! As the night progressed, more people showed up, and, coincidentally, some trip members met people from their hometown! The world is quite small, after all!

Our time in Sevilla being over already, we made our way to Granada the following day. We began our stay in the city by being guided through the historic neighborhoods of Albayzin (Old Muslim quarter) and the Gypsy quarter, all the while learning more about Spain’s rich history. To change it up, we then had dinner at an Argentinian steakhouse, before heading out for – quite literally – a dessert feast, trying churros, crepes, gelato, waffles, and so much more!

sevilla spain portugal on tour blog 2 photo 3On our second and last day in Granada, we had the privilege of visiting the Alhambra, a medieval Moorish fortress that also happens to be one of the most visited sights in all of Europe. The late afternoon was spent relaxing by the pool before heading out for some Moroccan food, followed by a flamenco show in a gypsy cave perched on the top of a hill, where some of us got up and danced with the troop at the end of the show! Back at the hotel, we convinced Alex that gelato was necessary for our survival, so we headed for one last gelato before heading to bed, ready for our journey to the last city on the trip, Barcelona!

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