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Scenic Views, A Cruise, and More! – Californian Extravaganza

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Hello from California!

We’ve had an amazing week! In the past few days, we’ve done exciting activities in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California.

california extravaganza blog 2 photo 1On our way to Yellowstone National Park, we saw some buffalo and elk and took in the beautiful views of the Grand Teton Mountains. We were able to watch Old Faithful erupt, and we saw the striking colors of the geothermic pools. After that, we went to the alpine slides, where everyone loved going down the mountain. Back at the campsite, we enjoyed a campfire and s’mores!

The next day we went rafting down the Snake River, where everyone had fun paddling through the rapids, and many of us especially enjoyed sitting on the front of the raft as we rode through the waves. After that, it was time to say goodbye to Jackson Hole, and we headed for Salt Lake City. That evening, we celebrated Allie’s 14th birthday with a birthday cake and celebration at the campsite. She also got the chance to spin the birthday wheel, eventually winning the right to be the bus DJ for the upcoming day.

The next day, we had loads of fun at refreshing Lagoon Waterpark! The boys tried the water slides while many of the girls chose to relax and chat down the lazy river. We also went to the Lagoon Amusement Park for some exciting rides, where some even braved the Cannibal, a huge rollercoaster that comes out of the side of a building!

We then made our way to Winnemucca for the night, where we watched the sun set behind the mountains, and enjoyed a local fireworks display for the Fourth of July.  

california extravaganza blog 2 photo 2After a morning drive from Winnemucca to Lake Tahoe, we spent the afternoon at the beach, where we cooled off in the water, relaxed on the sand, and played sports on the shore. While there, we also went tubing, and  many had a great time zipping through the water on their tubes as the boat pulled them. That night at the campsite, we feasted on an Italian dinner and played Minute to Win It games. For example, we flipped pens, completed a puzzle and whistled after eating cookies. Eventually, Team Mitsubishi emerged victorious.

The next day started off with a scenic cruise on Lake Tahoe. We admired the gorgeous views of the snowy mountains and the blue water, and a few girls even reenacted scenes from the Titanic. That afternoon the adventure continued with a ropes course, where most members challenged themselves on the high ropes and the giant swing. After an exhilarating experience, we returned to the campsite for dinner and an evening program: Chopped! Given a selection of ingredients, groups made a dish for the staff to judge. During one round, groups were given an eclectic basket that contained graham crackers, Cool Ranch Doritos, tortellini, and salsa. Matt P’s group eventually won the competition with their four creative dishes.

Today, we’re heading to San Francisco, excited to see more of California and to experience the big city!

Until Next Time,

The Westcoast Blogger

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