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Golden Days in San Fran & Lake Tahoe – California & The Canyons

We are well into the trip already and have had so many new and exciting experiences in California!

In San Fran we hit the ground running as our first full day started out with a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a clear day and you could see Alcatraz Island as we walked along, snapping photos and watching the boats speed by beneath us. For lunch we made our way to Sausalito and the group had a great time enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather while exploring the area. To end the day off we made our way to The AT&T baseball stadium where the Rockies faced off against the Giants. A great time was had by all, watching both the game and the view of the bay that could be seen from our seats. Although we left after the seventh inning to get back to the hotel for some swimming, the game ended up going until the 14th inning with the Giants beating the Rockies with a walk-off hit! Go San Fran!

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The following day was equally epic as we got to visit The Rock! First thing in the morning we took the ferry to Alcatraz Island, where we had a guided tour of the prison. The trip members loved hearing about the creepy stories and interesting anecdotes about the prison and it’s inmates. In the gift shop some of us even got to meet a former inmate who was signing copies of his book.

At Pier 39 we had a well-earned lunch, with many of us enjoying the fresh seafood offerings and some pretty incredible ice cream concoctions served from the sundae counter at Ghirardelli Square. The fun continued with some friendly competition at the bowling lanes, with a few strikes and spares from our bowling superstars!

san francisco lake tahoe california canyons blog 1 photo 2For the past two days we’ve been hanging out in stunning Lake Tahoe! We began our journey with a white water rafting adventure where one of the more intense rapids, The Meat Grinder, gave us the thrill we were looking for and got everyone soaked by the end! Yesterday we enjoyed a full day at the lake, starting out with a cruise under cloudless skies, which was perfect for photos and David shined with his pretty amazing photography skills. In the afternoon we relaxed on the beach and some of us tried our hand at tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding. It was pretty spectacular being on a beach with mountains surrounding us on all sides – a great setting for some beach volleyball and football. In the evening we had a talent show where we got to enjoy, among many great acts, a story and a song sung by Dan. We’ve just arrived at our campsite in Ventura and are so excited for the many more adventures ahead of us!

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