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Smiles in Salt Lake City – American Voyageur

Smiles in Salt Lake City - American Voyageur 1

From the moment we met at the Salt Lake City airport, the air was filled with excitement and our bus driver Bill greeted us with a big smile. Then we introduced two bus activities: our morning show and special shout outs. The morning show consists of the weather, itinerary, sports, celebrity gossip, and random facts. Shout outs are when we share funny and memorable stories throughout the day!

Once we got to the Lagoon Campground, we played multiple ice breaker games such as “The Name Game”, “Cavaliers, Maries, Brouettes” and “The West Wind Blows.” After new friends had been made, we headed to the amusement park where we had an awesome time on the roller coasters. The next evening, we tested our skills at bowling! Tyler was so good that others were convinced that the game was rigged. We all enjoyed cooking our meals at the campsite and learned that chocolate chip and fruit pancakes are AWESOME! We can now say that we have several expert pancake flippers in our group, way to go kids!

Next we ventured on to Jackson Hole to the sound of our summer morning song, “Take it Easy” by The Eagles. On our way there, the trip members stopped for lunch and Taylor and Zoe were brave enough to try the ULTRA spicy sushi sauce. Upon our arrival, we had the chance to walk around the charming town. Later on, we played basketball at a recreation center and went swimming in the lodge’s gorgeous infinity pool and hot tub. The music, the view of the mountains and the twinkling lights made the experience so memorable.

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The following day, we had an amazing time white water rafting in the Jackson Hole River as we got splashed with the cold, refreshing water! We had a few kids who tried rafting for the first time.

Another memorable moment worth sharing is the incredible scenery we witnessed on the road on the drive to Yellowstone National Park. We all got excited when we saw “Old Ye Faithful” and the trip members had the opportunity to sample bison meatloaf and sandwiches. In the afternoon, we took Instagram worthy pictures of the Fountain Paint Pots, beautiful blue and orange geothermal pools, and we were all amazed by their natural beauty. We continued on to Calgary where we went and had a blast going bobsledding down the Olympic track!

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