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Welcome to New York City! – Seventeen Fashion Experience

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We made it to the concrete jungle and could not be more excited to settle in and start this amazing experience! To kick off our time in the Big Apple, we hopped on The Ride, a fun and interactive bus tour that took us through the busy streets of New York City and introduced us to various street performers. We ended our first day with a group dinner where we all got to know each other!

This is Seventeen Magazine!

Our second day began with a welcome breakfast where we were excitedly introduced to many influential people. Our first session was with Seventeen’s editors and we listened intently to each of their presentations on the areas they manage: features, beauty, style, photography and art.  

The presentations were an amazing introduction to the magazine we read and love. We learned that it was created in 1944 and has always valued their readers’ experiences. Looking at different covers and stories from the last decade showed us just how much society and social roles have evolved over the years.

Later, we took a tour of the tower and were surprised and impressed by its large art collection! We also had the chance to visit the Good Housekeeping labs and learn more about the extensive research that goes into products before they receive a seal of approval or appear in a magazine. It was very interesting to see the science and engineering behind the advice we read in magazines.

In the afternoon we met with the president of Hearst Magazines, David Carey, who explained that the building’s architecture purposefully blends the old with the new, creating an accurate representation of the company’s values. His speech also reminded us about the importance of welcoming change in our lives and learning to quickly adapt.

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We then met with Donna Kalajian Lagani, Senior Vice President and Publishing Director, who started at Hearst 23 years ago as a publisher and worked her way up! Our group was all captivated by her speech in which she shared her personal experience in the business, as well as her best life lessons:

  1. Don’t do anything you don’t love
  2. Find a mentor
  3. Take all the advice you can, but remain true to your authentic self
  4. Know your worth
  5. Have a vision and make a plan

Her stories and the videos she shared were an inspiring reminder that if you are fearless and determined, anything is possible, and in Donna’s words,

“Be a big fish in a big pond.

To end our first full day together on a high note (literally), we rode to the Top of the Rock on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center just in time for sunset. As we watched the orange and pink colors of the sky set behind the already-impressive skyline, we had the chance to truly take in our day… and many pictures!

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