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Bison and Buffalo at Yellowstone National Park – American Voyageur

American Voyageur checks in from Montana.

Howdy y’all! Time really flies when you are having fun! Upon wake up, we departed with smiles on our faces from our lovely condos in Jackson Hole! Of course, the morning mix was blaring (our choreography has dramatically improved!). So let’s reminisce on all the wacky, extraordinary and sometimes trivial things that happened today. First there was David and Steven dancing to weird country music songs like Achy Breaky Heart as we entered Yellowstone. Then there was the game of humdinger that we played (a song is hummed into the microphone and the title must be guessed by the team). Jacob showed off his amazing humming talent by successfully humming the songs Ice Ice Baby and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Emily K. and Ronnie also sang Love Me by Justin Bieber!

Old Faithful was amazing. It was awesome seeing the geyser and experiencing mother nature in all of her glory. From where I was standing, we heard a loud “ouuhhhh” from Jeff and an “ahhhhhh” from Jeremy. It was well worth the wait! After seeing Old Faithful, we took off on the bus again and proceeded to drive through Yellowstone National Park where we observed bison and buffalo grazing. Allie mentioned how cool they were and Gabi looked with amazement at the oversized animals. Aside from the buffalo, we also saw elk, which was when we promptly heard Danielle ask where Santa Claus was (elk look remarkably similiar to reindeer)! We also caught the glimpse of a bear and her cub. There is a picture surfacing of the cubs tush before they disappeared behind a rock. The Fountain Paint Pots were another highlight. We were able to see the small pools of boiling mineral type water heated by the earth’s core! Ethan remarked that he had never seen such pretty colors. Matt L. was in awe as he was able to see what he had been learning about in school for the past year!

We ended the ride with a Yogi Bear cartoon and laughed at the parallels between Jellystone and Yellowstone, a game of “How Long is a Minute” and rocked out to the song 18-Wheels on a Big Rig (we’re working on counting to 18 in roman numerals)!

When we arrived at our final destination in Great Falls, Montana, we settled into the hotel and enjoyed the pool and all the hot tub facilities. It was a very relaxing evening.

We are up in Canada now so bonne nuit, goodnight and a demain (which is french for “speak to you tomorrow”)!

Jared & the AmVoy #2 Team

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