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Beginnings, Celebrity Sightings and New Friends – Hawaiian Spirit

The Hawaiian Spirit checks in from Los Angeles.

Dear Families,

When Jason, Tali and I first met back at our training weekend we knew the Hawaiian Spirit was going to be an amazing three weeks! The three were so excited to meet our trip members.
After everyone flew into Los Angeles, we made our way to UCLA.  On the bus, trip leader Jason led “bus dating” and our trip members learned new things about each other along the way.

When Jason asked pairs to share in their habits, we learned that Danielle doesn’t like coffee, while Matthew drinks cappuccinos. We also learned that many trip members loved Red Velvet and funfetti cupcakes (although vanilla had some shout-outs too).

At UCLA we continued to get to know each other better. Tali, Talia and Anthony won “snap, crackle and pop” and Max stood out for having the best memory during our “action name game”. We were able to learn more about Jayden and Annie while playing a game called “interruption” – already new friends were being made!

Our time in LA was filled with amazing moments… including some celebrity sightings!! At Six Flags Magic Mountain we spotted both an actress from the show Pretty Little Liars and Justin Beiber’s best friend! We also experienced the comedy of Stephen Kramer Glikten, who stars on the show Big Time Crush on the nickelodeon network at the improv. Our trip members took photos with him afterwards and he even spoke with Annie, Max, Matthew and Lesley during the show as part of his act! We’ve had many amazing moments during our first four days.

Now in Vegas, we are looking forward to heading to Hawaii!!

We still have two great weeks left together!! We’ll be in touch soon… next time from Hawaii! Aloha!

Lesley (Trip Director)

The Westcoast Blogger

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