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Becoming Fast Friends in Ecuador! – Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Community Service


Life in Ecuador has been an adventure thus far. Kyle, Alli, and Matt have done an amazing job speaking Spanish. We are all impressed with their abilities. At the orphanage the 1st day we had a fantastic time. All of the trip members worked really hard and made a huge impact. Everyone ended up covered in peach paint, especially Rebecca who worked hard painting walls and buildings. Lisa showed her skills in soccer with a number of the kids, and Crystal made a fast friend by reading with a little girl named Gabriella. Dani quickly picked up the Spanish words for duck, duck, goose and many of the kids continued to pick her, because of her playful attitude.

 On our 2nd night Andrew impressed us with his ability to eat a cookie off his forehead. He won both rounds in seconds! We all had a good laugh, especially Haleigh who really enjoyed watching everyone attempt the near impossible. At the equator Samantha showed off her hidden talents by balancing an egg on a nail, she has the certificate to prove it!

At karaoke that night Lauren and Morgan serenaded us with their rendition of Ricki Martins “Living La Vida Loca,” and Kyle surprised us all with his ability to dance and sing. He got the high score on the karaoke machine! He was only one point away from 100,000. After karaoke Sam B. and Sam R. battled it out in a game of ping pong and showed us their competitive spirits.          

The third day we returned to the orphanage. The trip members decided to bring face paint, bubbles, and bracelets for the kids. Again everyone did a great job helping the children living at the orphanage. Haleigh and Mollie showed off their artistic sides and did a wonderful painting job on everyone’s faces. There was also a rousing game of soccer played with the kids, many of the players became very competitive, but in the end we all walked away happy.     

 For our first adventure of the trip we got to go zip lining and tubing in the river. All of the trip members were extremely brave. Rebecca who is afraid of heights daringly completed the entire zip line. Jackie helped make everyone feel comfortable as she also completed the zip line. You could hear her shouts throughout the jungle.

After zip lining the trip members checked out the many different animals that are raised on the conservation area. Some of the boys had a volleyball match “North America vs. South America.” Russel and Alex helped bring home the win for North America with their quick hands and feet. We all had a blast cheering them on. Later tubing was a great break from the heat. Alexandra especially loved the excitement of tubing down the river.          

All of the trip members are becoming fast friends and enjoying their time in Ecuador. As the trip goes on we will continue to update you, so you can feel like you’re here with us.  Adios until next time! 

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