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Beautiful scenery in Honolulu – Community Service Hawaii

Aloha from Honolulu,

We have been taking in the beautiful scenery for the past two days! After all the trip members arrived safely on the island on Wednesday evening, and after a long night’s rest, the group was ready to go for our first excursion on Thursday, which was a beautiful catamaran ride along Waikiki Beach. From the water the group was able to view the Diamond Head crater, as well as the long stretch of Waikiki Beach which was full of surfers! Janey, Molly, and Taylor especially enjoyed hanging out on the boat and being splashed by the beautiful waves.

We enjoyed dinner at Jimmy Buffett’s while listening to some familiar tunes sung by a live musician! Afterwards, the group visited the International Marketplace on Ala Moana, which is the main street on Waikiki Beach. Ethan Sc., Ethan Se., Eric, Jonah, Tyler, all bought matching light up T-shirts.

Day 3 on Oahu was our first day of community service, the group worked with Habitat for Humanity, helping to demolish a house. Molly and Sarah worked hard to take down not one, but two trees on the property that needed to come down to make way for the new house! Jordyn and Anna worked at taking wires out from underneath the floor boards, along with Ethan Se., Taylor, Janey, and Jonah.  Jacob, Tyler, Ethan Sc., and Eric worked hard at taking down walls inside the main house.

After an incredible morning, Auntie Leiua, the woman who’s house we were working on, taught the group how to make lei’s from the flowers on the trees that were taken down, which was a very special way for the group to bond with each other and the other volunteers – an amazing cultural exchange!In between excursions and projects, the group has hit the beach a few times, enjoying the warm water and getting a taste for the local wildlife! Today we saw a number of curious sea turtles!

All around, everyone is having a fantastic time! Over the next few days, we look forward to doing some more community service, some hiking, and some surfing! Look forward to another update in a few days!

Aloha and wish you were here!

The Westcoast Blogger