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Beautiful Naxos – On Tour Backpack Greece, the Islands & Italy

Gia sou!

Our next stop on our itinerary was the beautiful island of Naxos. We weren’t even off the Ferry yet, and Livia and Sammy were snapping a million photos. Alexandra had to tease, “you’re going to run out of space on your camera! Don’t worry, you’ll learn.”

We got to the hotel in the afternoon and lounged by the huge pool for a few hours. It wasn’t long before a massive volleyball game occurred. Since there was no net, Adam and Brian had a great idea to use the bar separating the kiddie pool. Taylor, Lizzie, and Kennedy wanted to play too. Good thing the ball was so light, because the ball hit them all in the head at least once. Sebastian too, but we pretended not to see it! They were quite determined, but couldn’t stop giggling from all the fun they were having.

The next two days were action packed! Whether it was scuba diving, biking, or playing volleyball on the beach, there was hardly a dull moment. During biking, Julia made a new friend! His name was giant spider, and he magically appeared out of thin air right onto her leg! Good thing Costas, our bike guide, was so close. He dropped his bike and ran to her rescue. The next day we went Scuba diving. That was the first time for most TMs. Ray and Darcy could not stop laughing at Andrew for how funny he looked with the mask on. His hair was all over the place, and the tight wetsuit made his butt stick out!
On Tour Backpack Greece, the Islands & Italy
That night, we had two birthdays to celebrate, Hannah and Lucy. We ate a really nice restaurant, and had an entire room to ourselves. Without them knowing, Laurella and Danny snuck out to purchase two delicious birthday cakes from the bakery down the street. They were delighted when the entire staff came around the corner singing happy birthday in Greek.

We spent our last day of Naxos soaking up rays on the beach. The sun was out, the water was crystal clear, and we didn’t have a worry in the world. Robbie spotted an actual volleyball net this time. Sarah, Sandrine, and Frankie wanted to join us. With the previous volleyball game at the pool fresh in our mind, we couldn’t say no! Boy we worked up a sweat, but the cool waters of the Mediterranean was quite the refreshment!


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