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Barcelona Pre-College Enrichment, Not Your Typical School Day

It’s official,  Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel Has inaugurated our first Pre-College Enrichment program in Barcelona, Spain!

The reviews by the students say it all:

“The Spanish culture class and the spanish classes are much better than expected. Barcelona is a beautiful place full of architecture and history.” Deni A. of Michigan.

“The residence where we are staying is stellar!” Jen S. of Lower Merion, Pennsylvania.

“The staff is inspiring and really knows how to get the group going. Truly an awesome group of people who know what they are doing.” Dylan F. of New York

“Today I had such a good time in spanish class. We played so many games that involved vocabulary words and conjugations. We also listened to spanish songs and filled in the missing words. I’m so excited for the rest of the day!”  Nicole

Students from California, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and even Morocco and France are together for a 1 month immersion in Spanish culture and language. The program includes afternoon enrichment classes in SAT Prep, Spanish art and culture, or International Business. All of the courses include field trips and out of classroom visits!

This evening the group is set to explore the city. Las Ramblas, here they come!

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