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Back Where It All Began – Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Community Service

Hola from Quito!

 We are back where we started for just one night. We are really looking forward to flying to the Galapogos Islands tomorrow morning. We loved Banos, but are ready for our next adventure. I think each trip member is looking forward to something different while in the Galapagos.
    While in Banos we did a lot of relaxing. All the trip members became fish, swimming in the pool every chance they got. Andrew, Josh, and Alex C. did not miss an opportunity for the pool! The city was beautiful and very friendly. The first day we went whitewater rafting. Everyone had a great time. Sam B. even got to go for a swim! Alexandra was placed on the front of the raft by the guide, where she had a very exciting ride. A few of the boys were raft captains and did a great job making sure that everyone was rowing together. Russel, Andrew, and Josh could be heard yelling 1 and 2 from anywhere on the river. That night we drove around town in a party bus. We played Spanish music loudly for the whole city to hear, and everyone danced the night away, especially Crystal, who got the party started and made sure everyone was having fun. It was Russel´s birthday, so we made sure he danced and had a great time. For a surprise, we drove to a lookout to see the city lights and the stars. Morgan and Rebecca loved seeing the thousands of stars in the sky. We couldn´t identify any constellations, but we still tried.
    The next day we went exploring and saw eight different waterfalls. Danni appreciated the opportunity to wear her exploring outfit, and looked really cute in it. During our trip Jackie was sitting on the edge of the bus and was the only one that got wet, but she was a great sport about it. Samantha was the first one to see the famous Indian face in the rock, and helped point it out to everyone else. After the waterfalls we went on a hike to a look out at the top of Banos. Sam R. helped lead us to the top- the view was unbelievable. Mollie and Haleigh weren´t sure if they could make it, but they persevered and were excited that they made it to the top!
    Dinner´s in Banos were fantastic! Each group got to pick their own restaurant, and they all picked amazing places each night. Matt and Lisa were a huge help in translating the menus into English for everyone, and they also provided great dinner conversation. We learned a lot about their lives thus far.
    Our time in Banos was well spent, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We will keep you updated on our Galapagos experience, and hope that everyone at home is doing great!

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