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Awesome Arizona Adventures – Californian Extravaganza

Pink Jeep Tour

Dear Family and Friends,

Our time in Flagstaff, Arizona began with a trip to the Grand Canyon. So many of the Trip Member’s were excited to see this destination because of its beauty and reputation. The Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Upon our arrival at this destination, many of the Trip Members were amazed at the depth and beauty of the site. The weather wasn’t too hot, which made the conditions ideal for our hike! The hike allowed us to take awesome pictures, view the canyon from different points, and get in some physical activity!

To conclude our evening we celebrated Matt C’s birthday in Westcoast fashion. Our entire bus sang to him, and we had an Oreo cookie party on the bus on the way to the movies. Our trip divided into three separate groups at the movies and everyone seemed to enjoy the movie they chose, and it was a great way to conclude a very tiring but great day!

The next day we went on the highly anticipated Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, Arizona.  The Jeeps were painted bright pink and this made the experience that much more special. We divided ourselves into groups of six or seven per Jeep and had so much fun singing songs, and waving as the other Jeeps drove by. Carly and Allison took so many photos with the Jeeps and mentioned that now they want pink Jeeps (take note mom and dad).

After a fun and rugged day on our Jeep tour, we went to Dave and Busters for dinner and entertainment. After eating our meals, we headed straight for the games! All of the Trip Members were playing a variety of games in the arcade and winning as many tickets as they could! Margo and Amanda won a giant Panda, while Lexie, Allison, and Jordie traded in their tickets for a disco ball! We all had so much fun at Dave and Busters, and some of the girls even had a dance party with the disco ball later on in the evening back at the hotel!

Our Westcoast Trip has come to a conclusion. Our last day together in Scottsdale was spent having a delicious brunch at the Cheesecake Factory, followed by using the hotel facilities. Margo, Lauren, Amanda, Reese, Brandon, Dylan, Lauren, Darian, Sara, and Julia enjoyed swimming and tanning by the pool, while Calvin and some of the boys went to the gym. After a relaxing afternoon, we all got ready for banquet. All of the Trip Members got dressed up and took tons of photos! Before eating dinner we conducted a group activity. Every member of the trip sat in a circle and tied yarn around their wrist. Each person said their favorite memory of the trip and then passed the yarn to another trip member who did the same. By the end of the activity every trip member had mentioned a memory and all of the string created a web. This signified that we were all connected and played a role in each other’s memories. We then cut the string and made bracelets out of the string. This serves as a tangible symbol of our memories of the trip. After this activity we enjoyed a nice meal in the banquet hall and spent the night having a dance party with a DJ and enjoying the last few hours bonding and reminiscing about the trip.

Most of us ended up staying up the entire night and then it came time to head to the airport and go home. This was a very emotional moment for everyone on the trip. This moment proved how close everyone on the trip has become. Tears were shed, and hugs were plentiful. Everyone has shared the most incredible month together. Everyday was filled with fun activities, laughter, and becoming a family. Whether it was doing a new activity, seeing a new place, or just singing on the bus, every moment was a memorable and happy one. It was hard to say our goodbyes, but I am confident that we will all stay in touch and be friends forever.

This month was sincerely amazing and each person contributed to the group dynamic in their own way. We had an amazing group of Trip Members and it was a pleasure to have spent the past month with them!

It isn’t goodbye; it’s see you later.Pink Jeep Tour

-The Westcoast Blogger