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Autographs in Chicago! -Major League Madness

An update from Major League Madness:

Greetings from Detroit:

Only 2 days into it and we are so excited to inform you all how great of a time we’ve had thus far with your boys. We are so lucky to have such an amazing group of young men and have already built relationships with them that are going to last much beyond this trip. Every single trip member had a smile at the airport and was so excited to meet and greet their staff and their new friends.

We started our baseball tour in Chicago where the White Sox were hosting the Toronto Blue Jays. The dynamic of having the staff from Toronto cheering for the Jays and your sons cheering for the White Sox was a fun way to start game 1 of 12. We arrived at US Cellular Field well before game time and Brandon B. got the first autograph of the day. We are pleased to announce that every single one of our boys received autographs from various players. We had tickets, caps, balls and even Josh got his IPhone case signed. However, the winner of the most autographs of the day went to David S who received 7 individual autographs including one from Jose Bautista, this year’s only Toronto All-Star.

Another highlight of our first day was that 2 of our trip members, Zack and Justin were the unfortunate losers of a friendly trivia competition that we had involving naming names of professional sports teams from their respective leagues. They agreed to become Jays fans for the game and had to sport the Blue Jays Big Blue Foam Finger. We were so happy to have Zack and Justin join us as the only Jays fans, even if was only for one game.

Today’s game in Detroit was quite the nail-biter. The Kansas City Royals lost to the Detroit Tigers and we learned we have a total of zero Royals and Tigers fans on this trip.

We can’t wait to inform you about our good times ahead – off to Cleveland to enjoy 4 days of supposedly cooler weather.


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