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Aufwiedersehen Switzerland, Buon Giorno Italy! Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy


Interlaken,Switzerland was a blast for our crew, where Sabrina, Julia, Lizzie, and Hana showed off their skills on the diving boards of the tranquil mountain pool. Our entire crew conquered the awesome whitewater rapids on an exhilarating rafting adventure. With incredible levels of teamwork and support, we all made our way through the rapids and got to take a quick swim in the lake at the end of the route.  

During dinner at an authentic Swiss restaurant, our hilarious and energetic waiter – in his black and white leopard spotted uniform pants – offered us a chance to play a 10-foot Swiss longhorn and Chad, Kyle, Sophie, and Matthew each bellowed a few notes out for the restaurant. 

On our final day inSwitzerland, we completed a challenging high ropes course, where Omi and Max L showed superstar determination by accomplishing three course levels all calm and composed! We ended our Swiss adventures with a scenic train ride filled with beautiful views of green hills and mountains and trips to the Grindelwald town shops for delicious authentic Swiss chocolate! During our evening 360 talent show, Daniel, Max L, and Matthew showed off their sweet dance moves, while Ben, Alec, Max K, and Brenner won the most applause with their hilarious performance. 

As we wrap up our time inSwitzerland, we are super excited to welcome some new trip members at our next stop in La Spezia,Italy! Ciao for now!

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