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Andre’s First Snowball Fight – Canadian Mountain Magic

Andre’s First Snowball Fight on the Canadian Mountain Magic.

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Hello again Friends and Family!

Here we are at the tail end of our journey, and while we are all very sorry to see it end, we do want to share with you the exciting activities we’ve been doing for the past few days (and what an exciting few days it has been!).  Since we last updated you we have moved camp from beautiful Banff National Park up to Jasper, Alberta.  On our last day in Banff we went for a hike up Sulphur Mountain, the home of a luxurious hot spring.  The hike up Sulphur was challenging, but our daring mountaineers were up to the task, and Stirling, Thomas, Joey and Matt led the charge to the top, where we enjoyed lunch and a view.  We took the Banff Gondola back down the mountain, which Harley particularly enjoyed.  After all the activity, we took a relaxing evening at the hot springs, happy to kick back for a little while. 

The next morning we packed up camp and began the drive to Jasper.  Along the way we passed some breathtaking mountain lakes, and pulled into a scenic lookout to take some amazing pictures .  We also stopped at the bottom of Mount Athabasca for an exciting tour of the Athabasca Glacier, a glacier that is part of the amazing Columbian Ice Fields.  We drove out onto the glacier in a ‘snowcoach’ with wheels so large that they were taller than Sydnie, Rachel, and Sasha!  The ride was exciting, but even more exciting was standing on the glacier itself.  Andres loved the novelty of walking around on the ice, and we all got to fill our water bottles with genuine glacial meltwater, which our guide informed us was some of the cleanest and purest on earth.  Move over Aquafina!

After our time on the glacier, we carried on to Jasper, where we set up camp, had a lovely dinner and campfire before bed. Then our real adventures in Jasper began!  The next day saw our group going caving in Cadomin cave.  It was quite a steep hike up to the caves, but it was well worth it!  Our experienced guides supplied us with overalls, helmets and headlamps to prepare us for the dark and dusty depths of the mountain! It was a very exciting experience! We walked, climbed and crawled through the caves all the while learning about life in the caves. Although the bats were out of hibernation and “living abroad” and not in the caves, we learned all about bats and how important they are to the local ecosystems! The caves were incredible and the challenging journey to get there made them that much more enjoyable.

This morning we woke up and prepared ourselves for a scenic hike out in the Opal hills!  The hills certainly lived up to their beautiful name, and as we reached the top we were met with beautiful meadows full of wildflowers and breathtaking vistas of snowy mountains!  Sydnie, Eric P., Andres, Rachel, Jonah, Alex, and Sasha all decided they wanted to go past the meadows to explore the peak and play in the little snow that was left (it was Andres’ first snowball fight!).  Eric H., Stirling, and Jonah led the way down, braving the steeps and declaring the hike a huge success!  Afterwards we cooled off at the Jasper aquatic center and spent some time in town!

We are now preparing to make the trip down to Calgary, where Olympic Park and Zorbing await us!  We are all very excited, even though it means we will soon have to part.  We have had an incredible time out here, and we are pleased that our trip has been truly “Mountain Magical.”  Of course, we all know that even though the our time together is ending, the real adventure is just beginning for our intrepid mountaineers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed following our adventurous story as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!