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AmVoy #2 Voyages to Seattle – American Voyageur

AmVoy #2 Voyages to Seattle - American Voyageur

Greeting AmVoy #2 Parents!

Hello from beautiful Seattle, Washington! As we drove away from Whistler, we started our day with the usual morning mix. The drive was quite entertaining, Ronni showed us her dancing skills when the remix to September by Earth, Wind & Fire came on. David also grabbed the microphone when Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady came on the PA. He is quite the rapper. We also had a group sing along to Broadway hits such as Wicked and Rent. Before crossing the border, we stopped in Vancouver on Granville Island for lunch. There was a huge market with a ton of great lunch options – Gabi loved the warm crepes, Lexi and Jaime found the freshest chinese food and sushi, and newly picked fruits and veggies were a hit amongst the whole trip. Rachael discovered the most delicious strawberries at a fruit stand, and Grant found his way to the deli where he brought thinly sliced prosciutto. Both Rachael and Grant graciously offered to share with everyone. Erika was the first to make friends with the locals when she chanted “Go Bruins Go.” Suffice it to say, she has guts!

As soon as we crossed the border, we played Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus amongst other American theme songs. As we were getting closer to our hotel, we decided to play Name that Tune which turned into Name That TV Theme Song. Emily B. showed her love of 90’s tunes as she knew almost all of the hits. As a group, we had no problems identifying the Nickelodeon shows. It was
the “old school” cartoons and sitcoms that Rex (our driver) had to help us with!

After we got settled into the hotel, we took off to Gordon Biersch for dinner. Burgers, crab cakes, salads, sandwiches, and wings were among the many things that satisfied our pallets. After dinner, we made our way to the Space Needle. Our journey to the 605 foot tall observation deck started with a 41 second elevator ride with a car that moved at 10 mph. Jordan entertained us all on the way up, he asked if there was a state named Regina similar to the Canadian city named Regina! Sam H really took in the view– it was spectacular! Downtown Seattle, the piers, and surrounding areas are gorgeous all lit up. As we were wandering the top, we noticed that there was a compass engraved into the floor. When we found the arrow pointing west, Jordan, Jeremy, Jason, and Grant posed for a picture pointing in that direction using the same motion we use when we are dancing to the morning mix (Go West by the Pet Shop Boys is song number 3).

The next day, we woke up and headed straight to Pike Place Market. We got quite a thrill out of watching the men on the docks toss the fish around. Ariel loved the songs sung by the fish mongers, although Steven was the first to comment that he wasn’t a fan of the odor! We broke up into smaller groups and spent some time exploring the area. Sam D. and Sam R. found a shop that had the sweetest peaches on the planet. Emily K. and Ronni fell in love with the chocolate covered cherries that another vendor was selling. Aja, Eden, Emily B, Joli and Allie ventured to the original Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. We took so many pictures that the barristers cracked a few jokes about us being tourists. Sam R. found a seat in the restaurant where Tom Hanks sat when
filming a scene in Sleepless in Seattle. It was Noah and David that found Seattle’s most hidden gem – the wall of gum. Thousands of pieces of gum were attached to the side of a building. They of course bought two pieces from the nearby gumball machine and left their mark!

After the market, we headed to the EMP (Experience Music Project) which was built as a homage to Jimi Hendrix. He wanted everyone to appreciate and love Rock N’ Roll just as he did and therefore the building came into existence. The building itself is constructed to look like a pile of smashed guitars in reference to what he did to his guitars at the end of his own concerts.

Jacob and Danielle were especially amazed and found the new Avatar exhibit to be phenomenal. They especially enjoyed the virtual simulator that transported their avatars into the scene of the real movie. Andrew found himself exploring the Avatar exhibit, but he also made sure he found time to visit the Sound Lab and play around with the instruments. Matt M. showed off his vocal talent in the Sound Lab and recorded a CD that he can’t wait to play on the bus for the whole group while Jason was next door practicing his guitar skills. Jeremy, Emily, Grant, David and Jeff performed Twist and Shout in front of 500,000 screaming fans … in a simulator! Grant and David rocked the keyboard, Jeff was banging on the drums, Jeremy killed the guitar and Emily B. brought it home with some outstanding vocals.

Whirlyball was next. Bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball all combined into one. We broke into teams of 5 and played a round robin competition. Jacob showed his competitive side that was lying dormant in order to motivate his team, while Matt L. showed off his slick stick-handling and accuracy! Ethan’s whirly bug driving skills made him a vital part of his team. Courtney and Sarah
also demonstrated their athletic ability by scoring several goals. Jared & the Voyageurs (the staff team) with recruit Sam R. did manage to maintain an undefeated record. Grant, David, Jordan, Noah, and Jeremy felt the need for a rematch. As we were boarding the bus, they challenged the staff to an air band competition. Noah clearly laid out thecriteria for judging creativity, originality, and energy. 48 hours from now at the Mt. Hood campsite, Jared & the Voyageurs are prepared to dominate the competition.

It has been a relaxing evening. Some of us enjoyed the pool and hot tub. Others decided to take advance of the workout facilities.

Can you believe by the time you read this we will be in Mt hood and only a day away from California!?

Jared & the AmVoy #2 Team

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