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Here is an update from Ben and the staff on American Voyageur!

The Westcoast Blogger

Well it’s day 3 of our trip and we’re having a blast! We just left our first campsite which was in Salt Lake City and now we’re headed to condos in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where fast, new, good friends Steph and Allison will get to room together for the first time!

On the first day of the trip we played some ice-breakers at the airport and it’s pretty much been smooth sailing since then! On that first day we drove to our campground, and set up our tents, which for many of us was a first time experience! We also ate an amazing Italian dinner and went to the Lagoon Theme Park! It was there that Dana conquered her fear of heights and rode her first roller-coaster! When we returned to our campsite, we enjoyed strawberry shortcake, and called it a night!

Waking up the next morning, everyone was excited and hungry for some chocolate chip pancakes.  After breakfast we went Zip-riding and Alpine-coasting where Ryan and Teddy conquered their fears and rode the zip-ride!  From there we returned to the campsite, changed into our bathing suits, and went to the Lagoon Water park.  After an afternoon floating in the lazy river, and going on water slides, we headed out to Chili’s restaurant where Matt F. was quite the ladies man and sat and had dinner at a table  with 6 girls!  We went bowling after dinner, it was there that Max threw 5 consecutive strikes!

Then it was back to the campsite for fondue and off to bed. Now I’m writing from the bus on our ride to Wyoming: we have transformed our tour bus into a party bus in honor of Sydney’s 16th birthday! During our morning song (“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Gleecast) Jayme was eager to dance and jump around with the staff in the bus aisles before we started moving. It was super fun and that’s something we’ll continue to do every morning!

Well, that’s all for now. These are jam-packed days with lots going on so I’ll try and keep you in-the-loop as much as possible!

Talk soon!

The Am Voy Staff