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Amazing Annecy and Sweet Switzerland – European Discovery

European Discovery in Annecy

Hello Parents!

For the past few cities Sam and David have frequently joined some of the trip leaders on morning runs. They believe that they get to “experience the cities from the perspective of the locals.” As we jog throughout the streets, we really got to observe the bustling nature of Paris during the morning rush to work and the calm nature of Annecy with the stunning blue before any tourists takeover on boats.

​Once arriving in Annecy, it was surreal on how beautiful the city was. Charlie thought “Amsterdam was the nicest city they had ever seen, but was proved wrong when they got to Annecy. It was a mix of Rome, Paris, and Boulder, Colorado. The water was blue and the streets were clean. I have never heard of Annecy before the trip, but it will always remember it now.” As we walked to our first meal in town, all of us were taken aback by the stone structures that had doors leading right to the water and all of the little bridges that crossed the stream. It was certainly a picturesque moment that all trip members had to capture.

​Our bike ride in Annecy let us take a relaxing ride around the lake. Lots of trip members like how they got to exercise and take in amazing views at the same time. M.G. took advantage of the picture points and will have many pictures to hang in her room when she gets home. We also got to visit the beach in the afternoon and enjoy the “refreshing water” says Lexi. There was a slide in the lake that trip members loved going on as well as a sand volleyball court. We all loved the activeness of the day, which only prepared us for white water rafting. Mimi thought whitewater rafting was so much fun. The group had such a great time with the adventure sport. Seeing France from a nature perspective instead of from the city life of Paris was a highlight of the trip. To sum it up in the words of Jenni, “Annecy acted as a utopia in my eyes.”

​After leaving Annecy, we were ready for our next adventure in Zermatt, Switzerland. Since the town in not allowed gas cars, we took a train up to the quaint little village, which houses about 5,000 people and up to 40,000 tourists! As we stepped off the train, yodelers greeted us and many of the trip members enjoyed this. Zermatt is a paradise for the ski and snowboard community. The gondola ride up to the ski lodge was such a great experience. We got to see the mountains, the town, and even some goats from above. As we ascended to final level, about 10,000 feet above sea level, to ski, we all stopped to take in the breathtaking views. We were eye level and even above some clouds. This surreal experience really does put everything into perspective. After everyone finished being in awe, we shredded the slopes. Jason and Caitlin especially enjoyed racing their way down the mountain multiple times and described it as an exhilarating experience. To be able to say that they have skied in the Swiss Alps and have pictures and videos to prove it is something they look forward to sharing with their friends and family. After our relaxing group dinner recounting the day’s activities together, we headed out to enjoy an evening in town. Dylan was the definitely the life of the party and did not stop dancing for one minute. He motivated all other trip member to get on the dance floor and have fun!

​Our adventure sport days were fun filled and provided unforgettable memories and scenic moments. We are all looking forward to what the next two weeks of Italy has to offer!

European Discovery in Annecy

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