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Aloha from Honolulu – Hawaii Community Service

Aloha from Hawaii!

Our trip members were excited to meet all of their new friends after their flight to Honolulu!  Energy surrounded the group immediately and everyone was excited!  Their leaders Grant and Jen greeted everybody and led some name games to get to know each other.  After only a few days, we are having the most amazing time.  We are a small family and spend all of our time together. 

 On day two we headed to the Waikiki waterfront to go catamaran sailing, followed by a relaxing afternoon visiting three different local beaches.  We all enjoyed a fun game of ninja, playing land sports, and getting to know one another better in the Hawaiian sun.

Wednesday and Thursday marked our first two days of community service. We spent the days at the Boys and Girls Club, organizing programming for a group of local children who were in need of role-models and positive influences in their lives. The 360° trip members were absolutely amazing in their ability to get right in there with the kids and make lasting memories. Some highlights include dodgeball, knockout, spin art, and some great group dance moves. The next day we went back to the Boys and Girls Club in Waianae for another day of community service.  The kids were so excited to see our trip members and were eager to do whatever we had planned.  By the end of the day some incredible friendships were made.  Lala, the coordinator of the club, was thrilled as were the staff and students on H6! 

The day was capped off by an amazing dinner at Lulu’s café right on the ocean.  We watched the sunset as we dined! On day 5 we had the most amazing experience going to a transition house for families that are recovering from homelessness.  We played assassin and scategories before heading outside for some more games. 

After lunch we left the shelter and joined the kids at a local beach. Some exciting upcoming activities include a visit to Pearl Harbor and a hike up Diamond Head.  Until next time…

Mahalo! (Thank you!)

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