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Aloha from Honolulu and Hawaii Community Service!

We just received an update from our Hawaii Community Service program, Hawaii Community Service. They have been working with the Boys and Girls Club of Honolulu. Yesterday, nearly 70 kids, ages 6 to 12, welcomed our students with opens arms. Within seconds, everyone was integrated. Together, we were line dancing most memorably doing the macarena!  From there, they went into a fierce dodge ball game and next to arts and crafts.

In the afternoon, our students ran a 1 hour rotation consisting of all kinds of games including a highly competitive rock paper scissors tournament. By the end of the day some incredible friendships were made. Lala, the coordinator of the club was thrilled as were the staff and students on H6!

We have also heard from California Community Service that together with Habitat for Humanity they have been able to install aluminum siding on a house.

Hopefully, our next update will be from Alaska where they are in the midst of planning the Great Alaskan Bake Sale!

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