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Ahoy from Prague! – On Tour Backpack Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic

Ahoy from Prague!

Hello On Tour Backpack Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic friends and family, we’re happy to report that so far, so great on our European adventure.

From the minute our plane touched down Sunday morning, we’ve been taking in the sights, culture and especially, the food. In fact, just on Tuesday night, we made our own dinner! Everyone got their hands in and dirty to make us all an authentic Czech meal during cooking class – turkey rolls, potato soup, Beef Goulash and even a pancake dessert. We must admit, the chefs guiding our team were very impressed by the wonderful dedication, spirit and untapped passion for the culinary arts among our group!OT Backpack Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, & Czech Republic

The day may have ended with laughter and fun in the kitchen, but it started with heavy hearts and puzzled minds as we took a tour through a concentration camp in Terezin. It was eye-opening to walk the same halls and be in the same rooms where so many perished not so long ago. The history buffs in us were gleeful with the knowledge and details of retracing the lives miserably lived in the quarters, but the humans in us were just shocked at the conditions and the hardships endured.

Besides our heavy morning, we’ve had some great laughs and great memories so far. The walking tour of Prague took us through the largest Eastern European castle and we watched the official changing of the guards ceremony there. We’ve taken the public trams in Prague and gone for walks into authentic markets to eat traditional Czech food and experience the Czech lifestyle. We’ve even brought our own North American lifestyle with us with a night of bowling – it should be noted that hands down, Noah creamed all of us.OT Backpack Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic

We’re moving onto Vienna, Austria next! We’re looking forward to our upcoming adventures and all the passion we can bring to our next stops.  Stay tuned for more as we grow and mature together somewhere among the castles, the cobble stones and of course, the food.

Sending love!

The Westcoast Blogger

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