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Adventures in Los Angeles

Hi Parents,

Our second day in LA began with a beneficial volunteering experience at a food bank, which was a great introduction into volunteering for our teens. Sabrina, Sarah, Lorenzo and Erica manned the boxing station, and they were the perfect assembly line. Meanwhile Jessica E. was helping Roger (A.K.A. Santa) pack away perishable food items. Renata, Jessica B., Nicole, Julia S., and Lisa all formed a well-oiled machine that got the packing job done in a fun way.

After the food bank we headed on over to an eventful day at Disneyland where everybody tried out Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Matterhorn. Mailah, Jerilyn, Lindsey, and Anna rocked the photo scavenger hunt, getting pictures of Club 33 and doing the limbo. Rachel F. and Julia A. were running around Disneyland decked out in Mickey Mouse gear.

On our third day staying in UCLA we went to the Museum of Tolerance where we discussed and learned about various issues affecting our world today. We then visited Venice Beach, where Alex G. saw a busker jump over twelve people, and we had our first real glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. For our evening activity we went to the famous Improv Comedy club where we saw amazing comedians who had previously starred in shows such as Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Reno 911.

Our final day in UCLA was spent by first visiting the bookstore, where people got some clothing to remember their time at UCLA. While there, Jake, Greg, and Connor ran into Tony Parker, a top basketball recruit at UCLA. We then made our way on over to the beautifully European Rodeo Drive, where we browsed the many unique shops. We ended our busy day by going to Hollywood to visit the Mann’s Chinese Theater and taking pictures of the iconic Hollywood sign.

Our next two days will be spent in beautiful San Diego, surfing, going to the zoo, and more! So be sure to stay tuned for many more updates!

Until next time,

The Westcoast Blogger