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Adventures in Sin City – California & The Canyons

Hello family and friends!

Our stay in Sin City was very exciting! We began our adventures in Las Vegas at the amazing Monte Carlo hotel, where Corey, Devon, and Ethan S had a blast riding the waves in the wave pool. After enjoying the hotel amenities, we then headed to the world famous Stratosphere! Everyone had a blast riding the daring coasters. Maddie and Sarah G took in the amazing view of the city from on top of the Big Shot, while Eli M and Zoe laughed at the photos taken of them from the wild ride. We then headed to the Bellagio water show, where we amazed onlookers with our flashy dance mob! Beth bravely started the fun dance and others quickly joined in! On the walk home, Jaime and Daniel appreciated the historic hotels and buildings we passed, amazed by the

After a fabulous night, everyone was excited for the relaxing day ahead. We hung out in the sun, splashed around in the wave pool, and took a relaxing ride down the hotel’s lazy river. We then headed to New York, New York to eat dinner in what felt like the streets of the city that never sleeps. Pierre and Gabriel enjoyed classic NY pizza, while Asher ate a sandwich from a
classic NY deli.

The next day, after visiting beautiful Zion National Park, we headed to the Chuckwagon Cookout and starred in our own version of a country western movie, where Sam A made the group laugh with his role as the ladies man. After a rustic home cooked meal, the staff surprised everyone with A TRIP OLYMPICS!!! The group was split into three teams. The Villains (red team) were lead by captains Jonah and Emily, while the Superheros (blue team) were lead by captains Ethan R and Kaila, and last but not least, the Sidekicks (green team) were lead by captains Sam D and Taylor. We ended the night excited for the friendly competition to come, with spirit cheers from the three respectable teams echoing throughout the bus. The green team’s creative cheers were very loud, thanks to their very own spirit cheer captain, Rachel.

The next day, dressed in team colors, we headed to Bryce Canyon. Although a bit challenging, the amazing views were worth the hike. Cliff, who was a bit hesitant at first, finished the hike with flying colors and was very proud of his achievement. We headed back to the campsite to begin the Apache Relay! Sam F’s soccer training paid off as she ran fast for the blue team, while Isabella (blue team) and Alex (red team) both found their chocolate chip in their bowl of whipped cream in record time. Jason quickly painted his nails for the green team, while Emma attempted to eat saltine crackers and then whistle for the red team. Hannah (red team) and Edison (green team) quickly reversed their clothes in their sleeping bags in the blink of an eye. The relay ended where a representative from each team had to write down all 46 trip member’s names.  Nina (red team), Tyler K (green team), and Alyssa (blue team) quickly remembered each name, impressing everyone. The afternoon ended with an egg toss, where Olivia threw the winning throw for a red team victory.

Later on, before dinner we played a fun game called “Bite the Bag”. Cara and Tori impressed everyone with their flexibility! After dinner, each team performed their own skit and song. For the red team, Carrie, Danielle, Pedro, and Tyler M looked great during their song with their own creative dance moves. For the blue team, Sarah L sang with her team their own lyrics to Katy Perry’s “Friday Night”. For the green team, Allie, Anne-Sophie, Brittany, Eli O, Jordyn, and Micheala made the group laugh with their TV show skit. After much deliberation, the judges added up all the points and decided that although a close, close race.. the green Sidekicks won! Each team did an amazing job and the staff are all so proud of each trip member and the enthusiasm they brought.

The days are flying by and with only a few days left on our amazing trip, we’re determined to make every second count before we unfortunately have to return your teens!

-Your Cali and the Canyons Team

Shelby, Dana, Anna, Amanda, Billy, andDuncan

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