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On our way to Bryce Canyon we stopped in Kanaab, aka “Little Hollywood” for dinner. We ate at a great little place called the Chuckwagon Cookout. In the back was an outdoor museum featuring sets from old western movies.

While eating our home cooked meal the staff planted the seeds of a pretty big surprise. Two of our staff pretended to be having a spat in the corner. Later, while bording the bus it turned into an all out fight culminating in a dance off. This was our way of announcing that COLOR WAR 2015 had begun!! The theme was “Whip vs. Nae Nae” based on the dance all the trip members have been doing for the duration of our trip.

We announced the captains: Matt, Jaime, Max and Shelby and separated the trip into two teams, red and blue. The next morning we paused in our competition to hike the incredible Bryce Canyon. Along the way we searched for the fabled Coyote shaped Hoodoo, the basis for a native legend of a vengeful god.

Then, back at the campsite we continued our color war activities, starting with a cheer off. Next we ran an apache, which is an obstacle race. They had to knock down cups with Frisbees, carry cups of water between their elbows, carry an egg on a spoon between their teeth, and many other activities to complete using their many skills and talents.

Next stop Flagstaff! That night we had yet another Color War competition: Westcoast Quest! The trip members were given a set of tasks and challenges to complete. We asked for their weirdest talents, their best raps and stellar teamwork. The whole event culminated in what else but a dance off? Even the staff got involved and made the kids laugh with their crazy dance moves, like “the Microwave” and “the Q-tip”.

There we had the opportunity to hike around the rim of the Grand Canyon. We even played a game where the trip members had to guess how much of something would fit in the Grand Canyon (FYI: 2.8 quadrillion pizzas will fit). We got some amazing pictures and had a ton of fun.

Before dinner we had the final Color War competition. The teams were instructed to present a skit, song or dance having to do with Color War and/or the trip. Red team did a skit impersonating the Color War coordinator and some of  the members of the other team. The Blue team did an acapella song to the tune of “Since You’ve Been Gone”. In the end the RED TEAM came out on top. After such an active few days, we wound down for the night by seeing a movie.

The next morning we set out for our final stop on our journey through the west coast. On our way we stopped in Sedona for the Pink Jeep tours. We rode along the dirt road, watching the incredible scenery. It’s unbelievable that for some people this is right in their backyard.

Later, we set out for Dave and Buster’s. Some of the prizes they won were out of this world. One girl got a gorilla that was bigger than she was it took up two seats on the bus. And on the final day and evening of this program, we had opportunities for people to really reminisce about the experience they had and the relationships built. We encouraged that the group stay and touch and truly be connected and a community for a long time. It was a a great closing evening to say the least – great laughs, some tears, but overall memories of an experience that will last a lifetime.

– The Westcoast Blogger