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“Adios Amigos” – The Spanish Spectacular

The Spanish Spectacular bids us farewell.

The Westcoast Blogger

Dear Parents of the Spanish Spectacular,

As the program draws to a close, we can now look back and reminisce about all the good times we’ve had together and the lifelong friendships we have developed. Over the past few days, we have had so much fun, it’s hard to believe the end is nearly here!

On Friday, we visited the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter and Park Guell, which was designed by Antoni Gaudi. There, we saw two flamenco dancers put on a show and took pictures next to the famous lizard decorated with ceramic tiles. Later that night, we went to a discotheque on the boardwalk of the popular beach of Barcelonetta. This was by far the best club we have been to on the entire trip in Spain. Not only that, but we got to meet up with the students of the Barcelona Pre-College Enrichment Barcelona Program.

On Saturday, we went to the Salvador Dali Museum in Figures, which is close to the border of France. The museum was both interesting and entertaining, as the whole museum has a surrealist theme, with the art and exhibits that play tricks on your mind. Savannah and Jenna liked it so much that they asked to spend some extra time inside. For dinner, we went to a nice restaurant in the walled city of Girona, which is very close to Figures. Afterward, Kristen P., Holden, Lauren, Kristin D., David, Spencer, Savannah, and Steve all bought crepes at a local shop. There was an old couple working there and we got to see them prepare the crepes right in front of us one at a time. They were muy sabrosos (very tasty) and melted in our mouths!

Later that night, we had a talent show with some excellent acts. Andrew C. began the “Spain’s Got Talent” show with a performance singing “A Whole New World” with the counselor Jasmine. It was a tough act to follow, as they had everyone laughing during the whole song. Steve and Annie came up to show their weird talents of interesting body motions. Andrew S., David, and Spencer got everyone laughing again with a dance they performed. Two other groups performed dances as well, one with Sam W., Julia, and Rachel, and the other with Lauren, Kristin D., and Candace. At the end, Stanton sang a couple of songs while playing his guitar, even getting the audience involved. It was great entertainment for everyone involved!

The following day, Sunday, our group got to meet up with the Barcelona Pre-College Enrichment group for a second time to watch a bullfight and go out for dinner. Our program director Rob did a great job explaining how a corrida de toros (bullfight) is really a work of art with occasional music and a dance by the toreros (bullfighters). We learned that when a bull is valiant during a bullfight, the crowd can appeal to the president of the bullring to let the bull live, which actually happened while we were there. It was a once in a lifetime cultural experience for many of us.

After having dinner with the Barcelona Pre-College Enrichment group, we went to Montjuic where we saw a beautiful light show in the fountains located right in front of the royal palace.

For our last two days, we will be spending time at the beach, going to an amusement park, and having a farewell banquet. This has been such a wonderful experience for everyone that it will be hard to say goodbye to our new friends. It makes it easier knowing we can stay in touch throughout the year and talk about all our fond memories of our Spanish Spectacular Program.

Adios amigos!

The Spanish Spectacular Staff

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