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A Weekend in Madrid – Pre-College Enrichment: Barcelona

A Weekend in Madrid - Pre-College Enrichment: Barcelona 1

¡Hola Familias y Amigos!

We’ve had quite the cultural week here in Spain. The second week of classes and electives were enjoyed and were embedded with immersion through field trips and walking tours.  We really know our way around Barcelona and have truly become comfortable in our new home. We got to see a new side of our city when we made our way to the world famous Sagrada Familia. What an amazing sight! The church was designed by an architect we have become quite familiar with, Antoni Gaudi. We were all incredibly blown away by the amazing design, the incredible colors, and the sheer innovative genius that we saw at the church.  Later during the week we spent and evening singing our hearts out at karaoke. It was quite the display of talent!

One simply cannot go to Barcelona without checking out the extensive collection at the Picasso Museum. We were fortunate enough to be able to explore and see the most complete works of the famous artist. It was remarkable to see the influence that the city had on his work. As the week began to come to an end, we started to look forward to and get ready for our weekend excursion to Madrid.

When we arrived early Friday evening to the beautiful city of Madrid, we were able to enjoy a delicious dinner at the famous Puerta del Sol. Afterwards, we were so excited to indulge in the local specialty dessert, churros and chocolate. The dessert absolutely lived up to our high expectations. We ended the day with a leisurely walk around the Royal Palace of Madrid, all lit up at night. The way the scene looked with the lights and the palace made it a perfect place for pictures. After the palace, we were able to enjoy a good night’s rest in order to prepare for the next day.

Saturday was quite a busy day! We began by making our way back to the Royal Palace to get a good look at the inside. The ornate decorations, incredibly high ceilings, and extensive history impressed us all. After our journey through the palace, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Mercado de San Miguel, where we indulged in local tapas. We worked off our delectable lunches by going to Retiro Park and rowing in picturesque rowboats in the lake. We loved how beautiful the park was and had a great time taking pictures in the boats!

Our last day in Madrid was spent in El Rastro Market, where we were able to explore “deals” unlike we had ever seen. We enjoyed lunch in the market and then got back on the bus to make our way back to Barcelona. However, we weren’t quite done with exploring new cities. On our way back, we stopped in the breathtaking Zaragoza for one last meal before our arrival in Barcelona. We can’t wait to get start our final week of classes!

¡Hasta luego!

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