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A Variety of People and Street Performers – Spanish Spectacular

Here is the latest from the Spanish Spectacular!

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After leaving Granada, everyone was excited to go back to the beach.  The beach in Alicante was gorgeous.  Jenna, Andrew S., David, and Kayla had fun body surfing on some of the bigger waves.  The best part of our time at the beach was the speed boat that took us to an area of the Mediterranean away from the main beach where we could swim and snorkel.  Dare and Annie, among others, jumped off the boat to get a glimpse of the crystal clear seabed.  This was a trip favorite for many people.

We were in Alicante for 2 days, just enough time to soak up the well known beach town and all the rich history and culture that come along with it.  We got a chance to walk up part of Mont Benacantil, see El Castillo de Santa Barbara, and learn about how Alicante got started.  Andrew C., Sam W., Ricki, Lindsay, and Ariel all had a chance to take some amazing pictures of the whole city and the beaches in Alicante.  The views were breathtaking.

Upon arrival in Barcelona, we were well rested and ready to explore the city.  We got dropped off at Las Ramblas, which is the main strip in the old section of town by the beach.   Everyone enjoyed this, as we walked by a variety of people and street performers.

The following day, Tuesday, the kids had their first day of class in Barcelona, while the 3 weekers (Dana, Dare, Sarah, and Arden) went with their counselor Steve to visit Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia, both of which are beautiful works of the world famous architect Antoni Gaudi.  Everyone met up together for a bike ride throughout Barcelona.  Those that went on the bike ride got to learn about how 5 of the 6 beaches were man made for the 1992 Summer Olympics and the World Forum.  They got to ride through the Olympic Village and along the beach.  Zach had a great time zigzagging back and forth and going in circles all over the place.

At dinner that night, we got to eat at an authentic style Spanish restaurant.  Everyone got the chance to prepare a special style of bread called “pan de tomate”.  We were given a garlic clove, which was rubbed into the bread, followed by a tomato that was to be squeezed over the top of the bread, and finally a little bit of olive oil that was poured across the top.  It was amazing!  The following night, Lauren K. got to show her parents what she learned when making the pan de tomate the night before.

On Wednesday, we spent the afternoon at the beach.  Everyone had a lot of free time to enjoy the sun, go swimming, or walk around to some nearby shops and restaurants.  It was very relaxing for Kate, Sammy G, Savannah, Tori, Rachel, and Candace to spend most of their time sun bathing, while Spencer, Dare, Amy, Kristen P., Kristin D., and Holden decided to explore nearby and chill at a restaurant.  Also, Stanton got to go for a run with Steve along the beach for a couple of miles.  He is doing a good job staying in shape the summer!

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