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A Grand Sight to See – California & the Canyons

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Hi from California & the Canyons!

Yesterday we embarked on the final leg of our journey as we packed up the bus and headed to Scottsdale, AZ. The past few days in the canyons and National Parks have been extraordinary as we ventured to Zion, Bryce, The Grand Canyon, and Sedona.

After we left Las Vegas, we were blown away by the scenery in Zion National Park.  We sat down to have a lovely picnic on the grass at the Zion Lodge as a group and then headed off for a hike. The trip members were immersed in the captivating landscape and beautiful scenery of Zion as they hopped onto the bus towards Bryce Canyon.

The day was also one full of surprises, as we headed to our last camping stop in Bryce, little did the trip members know, but the staff had been planning a special surprise for them during the beloved “Canadian Word of The Day.” Using the word “colour” rather than “color” as the Canadian word of the day, we smoothly broke one of the most legendary competitions in Westcoast Connection history! Teams USA and Canada were set to face-off in a battle of global supremacy based solely on the spelling of the word “color.” Captained by Jeff and Delilah, Team USA was a force to be reckoned with, winning the cheering and singing competitions. However, the mighty Team Canada, led by Jonah and Lily, won both Capture the Flag and the Apache Relay. All in all, it was a very fun and exciting day and some great memories were definitely created!

While we were camping, we also managed to have an incredibly entertaining talent show where trip members were free to display their unique skills and abilities! From interpretive dances to ukulele performances, the talent show was riddled with exciting moments and raucous laughter.

The following day, we headed to the Grand Canyon to check out one of the most beautiful attractions the USA has to offer! Our hike offered great scenery, and we had the chance to see the canyon from multiple angles and get lots of photos too. We then headed to Flagstaff, AZ for the night, after enjoying a delicious Mediterranean feast at a local restaurant together.

We then rolled to Sedona to go on the famous “Pink Jeep Tours,” and take in the beautiful scenery and red mountains of Arizona. The tour was very exciting as we traversed the rocky landscape. After, we had time to explore the town a little and have lunch. Many of us enjoyed sampling local delicacies such as cactus fries.

We are excited to enjoy our last days together in Scottsdale. Stay tuned for our final update shortly.

-The Westcoast Blogger