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A Final Farewell to the City of Lights – French Excursion

The French Excursion says Au Revoir to Paris.

The Westcoast Blogger

Dear Parents of the French Excursion Program, 

Friday was our last day in Paris and as we said our final farewell to the City of Lights, we looked back on all that we had accomplished and seen.

Musée D’Orsay was a fan favorite as the group recognized many paintings and well-known artists, such as Renoir and Van Gogh.  On Wednesday night we ate dinner in the famous  Marais district, where we also caught the end of a local jazz concert.  The next day, we toured the Musée Rodin, where we saw Le Penseur (The Thinker).  That night we found ourselves at Basilique Sacré-Cour (Basilica of the Sacred Heart), a beautiful church located at the highest point in the city of Montmartre   There we ate, shopped, and took pictures to our hearts content.

Friday, we took the TGV (the high speed train) for the first time, en route to Dijon.  Jared was especially excited about the Trains “haute vitesse” as he had been hoping to travel on one.   Upon arrival at the beautiful Hotel Mercure, we took a refreshing dip in the pool and had dinner at a restaurant featuring Haute French Cuisine. We celebrated Erica’s
birthday in style and showered her with yummy pastries and treats while everyone sang “Bonne Fete”.  The guys and girls faced off that night in a couple of games of bowling where the boys were victorious.  Kaitlin was our most consistent bowler but we will readily admit that none of us have the skills to become professional.

Saturday was our big tour of Dijon by foot and Segway (personal transport vehicle). We rode through the market and main streets of Dijon enjoying the sights while successfully maintaining balance and control.  An afternoon of shopping, immersing ourselves in the culture, and trying the famous mustard and gingerbread were enjoyed by all.  

On Sunday, we headed to Lac Kir, a man made beach.  We took this opportunity to relax or swim. Dominika was the brave one as she plunged first into the chilly waters.  The others followed close by and many swam out to the dock where they relaxed and splashed around.  We’ve been quite lucky with the weather thus far and are looking forward to more beach days to come. 

À Bientôt,

Erika and Nick