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A Final Farewell from the U.S. Explorer

A final farewell from Trip 09 in ’09. Just think, what will they call it next year?

The Westcoast Blogger

Dear Parents of Trip #9 in ’09,

Only 3 days left before we make our way home and it feels like just yesterday that we all met for the first time in New York. Since our arrival in LA we’ve seen plenty more amazing sites and have had many opportunities to try new things. We got to experience a little bit of Venice Beach before making our way down to Disneyland for a fun filled day of rides and Disney characters and an evening filled with beautiful fireworks. And you have obviously heard about Swami’s proposal that the whole group was part of! The LA Food Bank was our next stop on our way to Universal Studios and everyone participated in separating food items for those in need. Jack and Andrew did an incredible job, as did everyone else and we were told that our Westcoast group was the best group they’ve ever seen!

Universal Studios was next up where we took part in an incredible tour and got to see all kinds of sets, as well as props used in different movies and television shows. Everyone had a chance to try out some great rides like Jurassic Park, the Simpsons, and the Mummy. After a great dinner at the Hard Rock Café Hollywood, we had some free time to tour the City Walk before heading back to the UCLA dorms. Our last day in LA was spent at the UCLA Bookstore where everyone got some great UCLA apparel, and then it was off to the Farmer’s Market for lunch before spending some of the afternoon experiencing Rodeo Drive. Our evening was spent laughing away at the Improv Comedy Club where we got to see a couple of really great comedians show off their talents. Kyle seemed to really enjoy being part of the acts.

Our next stop was Ventura, CA where we had two days of fun and relaxation. We headed over to the beach for some fun in the sun and then back to the campsite before movie night! We had the choice between 3 movies- The Proposal, G-Force, and Harry Potter and we all enjoyed our choices very much! The next day we set off for Lake Tahoe where we were camping for put last two nights. Lake Tahoe was amazing and we all had a great day hanging out on the beach, swimming and tanning and going out on the water for some tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Our later part of the afternoon was spent on a beautiful boat sailing over the lake and everyone got to enjoy some real relaxation time looking over Lake Tahoe.

We can’t even explain how much fun we’ve been having over the last 37 days, and we can’t even believe that in just 3 days time we’ll all be home, getting back to real life. Our last few days are going to be spent in San Francisco and we will be sure to take it all in and enjoy our last little bit before it’s time to go home.

Until next time,

The Explorer Staff