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A Final Farewell – Boston & Washington Community Service

Dear Friends and Family of Boston Washington Community Service,

As I sit reflecting, I have tasked myself with the goal of summarizing the twenty-one days (10 days for Washington folks) that have preceded today. Although we spent a considerable amount of time last night reminiscing the trips events, I believe that there is something to be said for moments of clarity and reflection that occur once you have removed yourself from a situation.

Over the past three weeks (or 10 days), we have had the opportunity to travel through six different states as well as the District of Colombia. We have had serious conversations, moments of levity, as well as many times where the laughter was uncontrollable. We have been frustrated, discouraged and contemplative. And through all of these different moments we have asked more of your son or daughter than should be expected and they have delivered.

Weeks from now (after I have spent several full days sleeping), it will not be the places that I visited or the dorm room that I stayed in that I will recollect – It will be the people. It will be your son or daughter, and the smile on their face as they walked into their service project. It will be the chest thumping and celebration after they scored a big goal in one of our evening activities. It will be the quiet conversation in the hallway assuring them that they are capable of more. While a purpose of this trip is to offer your son or daughter an experience, I like to believe that it is this collection of people that has made their experience worthwhile.

Thank you for entrusting your son or daughter to us over the past twenty-one (or ten) days. We have enjoyed every moment of our time with them and hope that they will be returning to you more confident and independent than they were all those days ago. We expect great things of each and every one of them, and while we may not be just down the hallway anymore, we hope that we will all remain connected.

Boston & Washington Community Service at the Beach

A final farewell,

The Westcoast Blogger

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