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8 Reasons Why Montreal Summers Are The Best

8 Reasons Why Montreal Summers Are The Best 7

Spend the summer studying and living in one of the world’s most international and vibrant cities, Montreal, Canada! Choose from many courses including learning to speak French, learning to cook like a professional chef, and boosting your creativity in our photography course. The exciting city of Montreal is renowned for being a student favorite. This program prepares you for the academic and personal challenges that come with entering college. Check out the top 8 Reasons Why Montreal Summers Are The Best! 

  1. Chilling in the Park

    montreal1Every park throughout Montreal has something to offer. Visiting the Tam Tams on Sunday’s is a Montreal must during the summer months and you’ll find Montrealers relaxing in the sun no matter what day of the week.

  2. You Can Walk ANYWHERE

    Although not the biggest city, Montreal can be tough to explore in the cold winter months. But, when summer comes around the whole city is yours to pleasantly stroll, skip, run or bike your way to your next destination.

  3. Festivals on Festivals

    Jazz Fest, Mural Fest, Blues Fest, Just For Laughs Comedy Fest- the list goes on and on with an endless amount of exciting shows and activities to check out.

  4. Food Trucks

    After finally being approved to roam the streets, Food Trucks are taking over Montreal with an exciting array of meals on wheels that will be placed around the major areas of the city to make sure you’ll never go hungry. For a complete list of drool worthy food trucks to check out click here!

  5. Sidewalk Sales

    Car-free zones filled with crazy shopping deals and delicious eats? Yes please!

  6. Fireworks

    Throughout the summer, Montreal hosts one of the largest International Firework Competitions in the world. Free of charge, you get to watch the sky explode with lights and color, making every night special.

  7. Canadian Food

    You can’t leave Montreal without trying a Canadian classic. Poutine, (fries covered in gravy and cheese) Montreal Bagels (a handmade wood-oven baked bagel like none other, smaller, sweeter and denser than their New York rival) famous Montreal Smoked Meat and classic Maple Syrup are found in all shapes and sizes throughout the city.

  8. Old Montreal

    This beautiful historic area of the city makes you feel as if you’re walking through 18th century France. Admire the amazing architecture while strolling along cobblestone streets by the river.

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