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3 Large Scoops of Delicious Gelato Flavors – European Experience

The European Experience ends a great trip in Florence.

The Westcoast Blogger

Bonjourno from Florence!

Our last Italian stop was an adventurous one! After check -in, we headed over to a nice romantic spot where we enjoyed a delicious italian feast. Afterward, we enjoyed 3 large scoops of delicious gelato flavors at a chic gelato place! Back at the hotel, a euchre tournament was set up – a card game that got lots of attention when we took our first Chunnel ride from London to Paris! Matt and Dillon, Jordan Z. and Kyle S., and Jared and Austin were some of the teams that partook in the tournament. Our first day in Florence was filled with lots of exploring time in the leather markets, while some others took a walk to the old synagogue which is still in use and holds a few hundred people. After the tour, we all met at the Duomo, an extremely large church and cathedral where we all marched up 461 narrow and twisty steps to the top to get a breathtaking view of the city of Florence. I am pleased and proud to say everyone made it up!

We stopped off for a late lunch and headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner! For the first time, we headed out to cooking school where groups split up to cook and prep a portion of our meal. Our pasta was made by Bari, Morgan, Austin and Stef. Our stuffed zucchini was hand crafted by Jared and Dan G. Our savory spinach and cheese crepes were made Adam, Eric, Amy, Brooke and Amanda. Dessert was prepared by Taylor, Kyle W., Megan, Rachel, Caroline, Jamie, Jared, and Melissa. We were all very impressed with all the meals and everyone enjoyed the food we made for one another and got a great experience cooking in an Italian kitchen with trained professional chefs! We headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and headed to Space Electronic Disco where we enjoyed a great fun night full of dancing ! We marched on for a late night snack after the disco and got ready for our next day.

Day 2 in Florence started with a guided tour of the Accademia museum where the world famous “David” is being displayed. After our personally guided museum tour, we headed over to Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge that happens to be covered in gold and silver. Mikey (our very own WCC tour guide) led some of us through the Uffizi museum and explained all the famous art work. We learned Mikey’s passion for art, and she was truly amazing at explaining the details to us!

For the first time, we had a boys night out for dinner and enjoyed a great meal at a lounge club. We shared memories, had many laughs and met up with the girls for our last gelato in Italy at the world famous Vivoli’s. We each got 3 scoops and we enjoyed every last bit of it!

Our day trip to Pisa was one big photo day! Everyone had to take the cleverest pictures with the tower and we’ll see who wins tonight at our banquet. We had a nice lunch, and then drove into Monte Carlo for some walking time and a zesty and tasty dinner! We marched to the Marina after dinner to relax and enjoy the views and fancy lifestyle and finally drove into Nice, France for our final day of the trip! We will be going to the beach tomorrow and having a nice banquet dinner that will bring back many memories.

We hope that you have enjoyed keeping up with the trip! We have an incredible group here and it was a pleasure getting to know each and every single one of them!


The European Experience