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19 Signs You’re A Traveler (Not A Tourist)



1. You dream about your next trip during your morning commute

2. Airports are your favorite place to be, because it means you’re going somewhere

3. Solo travel is your jam
(Because duh it’s the fastest way to make new friends)

4. You’ve had your travel outfit down pat for a long time
(Sweats? Check. Hoodie? Check. Sneakers? Double check.)


5. These two hashtags appear far too regularly in your social media profiles. #Traveler #Jetsetter

6. Your phone is packed with every travel app you could possibly need.

7. You have maps stashed on your walls/in your wallet/underwear drawer from favorite places

8. Your Facebook cover photo is a destination you love/just got back from

9. Your phone has the weather and time zone of your favorite spots just because you like to know


10. You name cities by airport codes, aka CDG, LHR, ORD

11. Your passport is your favorite personal item

12. Your New Year’s resolutions always include places you want to visit in the coming year

13. Friends come to you for packing tips
(Because you pack like a boss)

14. You’ve Instagrammed this picture many times before.


15. You proudly display your travel souvenirs like badges of honor.

16. The journal you kept while traveling is sacred to you.

17. WhatsApp is your default form of communication because your friends are all over the world.

18. The real reason you love traveling is because of all the food.

19. You are constantly daydreaming of where you will go next.


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