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Seventeen Fashion Experience – New York City - 14 Days

Seventeen Fashion Experience – New York City
14 Days
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  • Completing Grades

    8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Departure Dates
    July 07 - July 20
  • What's Included

    New York City Fashion Camp

    Price Includes

    All lodging, breakfast & dinner daily, all recreation & entertainment listed, fashion workshops and experiences, Wi-Fi at hotel, transportation during the program, airport transfer within designated times, gratuities and taxes.

    Local Day Student Rate:

    $2999 includes ten weekdays of fashion experiences, New York City activities and dinners.


    Cambria Hotel in Times Square (13 nights)

    Group Size

    Up to 60 participants

    Seventeen Alumni Testimonials

    Click here to read what they are saying

    Seventeen is a trademark of Hearst Communications, Inc.

    Due to the varying nature of the fashion industry and production deadlines of companies and Seventeen, all highlights of this program are subject to change.

For teens who love reading Seventeen and dream of living in New York City as a writer, editor, photographer, stylist, fashion designer…

The Fashion Experience is a New York City fashion summer camp program that is a collaboration between Seventeen and Westcoast Connection – it will bring dreams to life.  You will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the world of Seventeen. This fashion summer camp for high school students will allow you to experience unique tours and meet with notable executives, designers and artists of leading companies in fashion and retail, all while achieving a greater understanding of the inner workings of the Seventeen brand.

Whether you are interested in writing, photography, fashion, hair or beauty, you will find the Seventeen team and partner companies passionate about what they do and eager to share their knowledge with you—the next generation of industry professionals.


  • Meet with the Seventeen editorial and publishing teams
  • Go behind-the-scenes and tour leading fashion brands and retailers like Guess, H&M and Bloomingdales
  • Visit showrooms, meet with fashion executives, and learn about their design process
  • Meet with professional hair stylists from notable hair companies to learn the tricks and techniques they use when styling photo shoots and runway shows
  • Redefine the world of beauty with top creators and influencers
  • Interact with apparel, shoe, and accessory designers
  • Explore the inner workings of fashion public relations with a top PR agency


  • Broadway show, Central Park, Harbor boat ride, Top of the Rock and much more.


  • Chelsea, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Meatpacking District, The High Line, Times Square, Southstreet Seaport, Brooklyn
  • Arrive In New York City

    You have the choice of flying to New York within our designated arrival times to be greeted by our staff and enjoy complimentary transport to our Manhattan hotel; or you may be dropped off directly at our hotel and meet your staff there. For those requiring it, we are happy to assist you with arranging flights to and from New York.

    For your return home from New York, for flights in designated times, we provide airport transfer and our leaders help you to check-in and remain in the airport until flights have departed. If you prefer, you may arrange to be picked up at the hotel the final morning.

  • Seventeen Exclusive Access

    The Meeting Place of your Fashion Camp

    The Hearst Tower, New York City’s first building to receive both Gold and Platinum LEED certifications, houses the Seventeen office, the Joseph Urban Theater, and Hearst Digital Studios. It also serves as the hub for many activities alongside fashion and beauty houses, retail headquarters, and makeup and photography studios.

    A Day in the Life of a Seventeen Editor

    All participants on our New York City fashion teen tour will learn from Seventeen’s Fashion, Beauty and Features editors and creative team to understand their vision, the magazine’s visual direction, and the process of publishing an issue, from researching articles to selecting cover models and more.

    Behind-the-scenes at a Seventeen photo or video shoot

    Meet with staffers like the Bookings Director and Photo Editors to get a sneak peek of what really goes into a fashion spread before it hits the stands, and find out how Seventeen creates a shoot, from devising the initial concept to choosing the right photographer, models, and stylists.

    The Social Media and Digital Teams

    Get social with the Seventeen.com and Social Media teams. How have digital platforms allowed the brand to go places it has never been before? How is online different from print? What are the unique ways they reach and interact with their audience online?  Meet digital editors, social media gurus, and personalities featured online with Seventeen.

  • Fashion Camp Highlights

    Due to the varying nature of the fashion industry and production deadlines of companies and Seventeen, all highlights of this program are subject to change. The fashion experiences for 2018 will be similar to 2017 and confirmed in late spring.

    Here are some highlights from our 2017 program:

    • Met with the Seventeen editorial and publishing teams
    • Learned from Fashion Directors, Social Media Managers, and Event Coordinators at H&M, before walking the digital runway.
    • Examined the world of public relations at DKC through various case studies and hands-on activities.
    • Helped to conceptualize new collections and advertising campaigns with the co-founder and head executives at Dormify.
    • Met with Terez Universe entrepreneurs who are spearheading innovation in the fashion industry through their trendy athleisure designs.
    • Presented new product displays, and mood boards, to the team at Sakroots in interactive breakout sessions.
    • Engaged with an experienced panel of public relations specialists at Guess? Inc to learn more about their celebrity campaigns and collaborations.
    • Explored the versatility of branding and licensing in the fashion industry during our time at Jessica Simpson – Sequential Brands Group.
    • Tried new hair tips and tricks with stylists at Not Your Mother’s.
    • Learned from executives at Cotton Incorporated about color forecasting, trend setting, and industry collaboration.
    • Attended an exclusive fashion show with Bloomingdales and Cotton Inc hosted by Kristen Cavalleri.
  • Exciting New York City Fashion Teen Tour Highlights - Included In Your Tuition

    A Broadway show

    Enjoy the magic of Broadway—there’s nothing quite like seeing a show on its home stage!

    Central Park

    Take a stroll through Central Park, the most visited city park in the United States as well as one of the most filmed locations in the world.

    Top of the Rock

    See the most breathtaking view of New York City from an observation deck 70 floors high! At the top of Rockefeller Center are three observation decks with unbelievable 360-degree views. Experience a glass-ceiling sky shuttle lift you 850 feet into the heavens overlooking all of the city’s attractions and the beautiful skyline.

    Harbor Boat Ride aboard the BEAST

    Experience a thrilling speedboat ride that zooms within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty at speeds up to 45 mph.


    One of the most popular tourist destinations in Brooklyn, Smorgasburg has been called “The Woodstock of Eating” by The New York Times.

    The Ride: an interactive touring experience

    See the Empire State Building, Carnegie Hall, the Chrysler Building and other famous landmarks on your interactive comedic touring experience where the streets of New York City literally come alive with hip hop performers, freestyle rappers and ballet dancers.

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Take the iconic walk across this famous landmark while admiring incredible views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and New York Harbor. The bridge was the first steel-wire suspension bridge and was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built.

  • Visit New York City's Most Famous Neighborhoods & Top Picks From Seventeen For Food And Exploring
    • Chelsea
    • SoHo
    • Greenwich Village
    • Meatpacking District
    • The High Line
    • Times Square
    • Southstreet Seaport
    • Brooklyn

Cambria Hotel – Times Square, New York City

The Cambria Hotel opened in 2015 and is located in the heart of midtown – steps from Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station and other famous landmarks.  Each stylish modern room features a 47” television, microwave and mini-refrigerator.  Hotel amenities include free Wi-Fi and a fitness center.

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Safety and supervision, our #1 priority – no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

At Westcoast Connection nothing else comes first. From our extensive trip planning department through our management team and our leaders, it is our single biggest priority! Safety procedures, equipment – we’ve got it covered. All Trip Leaders and Directors are certified in First Aid and CPR. We are extremely proud of our safety record and welcome all questions you may have in this area. Please see more under Safety First.

Trustworthy Staff – Leaders Worth Following

Once you are on your trip, you will have sensitive leaders that are caring, approachable and always there for you. Your Trip Director and Trip Leaders are people with incredible backgrounds including teachers, IRONMAN triathletes, volunteers, and so much more.

Every staff member takes part in and must complete our extensive training weekends that review our philosophy and procedures to provide a well-supervised and fun-filled program.

Our Trip Directors, the individuals responsible for overseeing each itinerary, take on the roles of teachers, camp counselors, mentors, concierges and hosts. They’ve been trained to provide individual attention and create an all-inclusive family atmosphere (our EACH & EVERY philosophy). There’s a definite art to building dynamic groups, and we’ve worked hard to master it!  We want you smiling on day one right through to a teary goodbye at your farewell banquet.

Our leaders are non-smokers. To learn more about our staff, please visit our Summer Leaders section.

Group Dynamics & Dynamic Groups

We can’t say it too many times this is a really incredible group experience. A great dynamic starts with our secrets for group bonding. Our bag of tricks goes way beyond traditional ice breakers. We work hard to get everyone moving beyond first impressions and creating an atmosphere of total acceptance. Our staff hiring and training emphasizes social safety and establishing an inclusive culture. Many of our participants come as individuals and we have a geographically diverse enrollment. This mix helps eliminate cliques at the outset and establish an open environment that benefits you. We take great care in assembling groups to create an unforgettable social experience.

Typical Weekday Schedule - Fashion Camp

8:00 AM – Wake up
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM – Breakfast
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Fashion Camp Highlight
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – 4:30 PM – Fashion Camp Highlight
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Explore a New York City Neighborhood
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM – Dinner
9:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Evening Activities
11:15 PM – Curfew

Career & Life Skills On Your Nyc Fashion Summer Program – So Much More Than Amazing Fashion Activities And Sightseeing.

Summer after summer we love nothing more than the feedback from parents sharing with us that their child has matured, has become more confident and outgoing, is more poised, more responsible and more worldly having had not just the summer of a lifetime, but a life changing experience as well. It’s amazing how much growth can occur when you are traveling and sharing the experience with incredible people in a warm and welcoming environment.

When you join us on our fashion program in New York City, your perception of the fashion industry will change as you will gain incredible insight through your exclusive access to Seventeen editors, fashion designers and industry leaders.

Imagine seeing first hand all you’ve learned about or have watched on your favorite fashion shows.  Whether you are in a showroom or in the Hearst Tower, this fashion summer camp program will give you a greater understanding of the fashion world and careers that will be available to you in the future.

Living, experiencing, and learning together, you will be afforded the chance to interact with other teens who share similar interests and both similar and different backgrounds. Everybody grows in their social acceptance of others. By the end of the fashion teen tour we hope to have lit a spark – to travel, to learn more about fashion, to meet new people, and to explore. With new friendships, new memories and new life skills on which to build, your Fashion Experience will be truly unforgettable.

Is This An Internship?  – What To Wear For Company Meetings

Of your 14 days in NYC, you will spend 9 days getting exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the world of Seventeen experiencing unique tours and meeting with notable executives, designers and artists of leading companies in fashion and retail and other fashion forward businesses.  For each of these encounters the dress code is business casual.  All participants must dress appropriately and respectfully when visiting these active professional environments. Proper attire includes casual dresses and skirts (knee length or longer), nice jeans and pants, and tasteful tops. You do not need to bring blazers, suits or slacks; but short shorts and revealing clothing are not acceptable for fashion office visits. Participants will be asked to change clothing if they are not dressed appropriately.

Though the Seventeen Fashion Experience program is not an internship, the best way we can think to describe the best way to dress is as if it were an internship!  Perhaps the article is a few years old but here is what advice Seventeen gave to its readers: http://www.seventeen.com/life/school/advice/g67/what-not-to-wear-to-an-internship/

Value & Over The Top Service

There really is a difference in how different summer programs operate! Motivated students going away with qualified leaders is a given. But what sets us apart is the depth of our qualified personnel that allow us to perform with the greatest consistency at the highest level.

Your Program Director and Program Leaders are with you throughout your program. They have daily contact with one of our two 24-hour Communication Centers and are in regular contact with our Company Directors. Our Company Directors are the most seasoned veterans who each oversee specific programs providing support to trip staff and to assist with any situations that may arise. Our Company Directors alternate between traveling to visit programs and being reached in the office. Program visits enable us to provide ongoing support and development to our Program Directors, allows trip staff to have a sounding board for their own progress in reaching trip goals, helps us to identify any challenging areas for improvement while it still has relevance to your summer rather than as a mention on your end-of-summer survey, and helps us to identify the future Directors from the current crop of all-star summer staff.  These visits are by Company Directors along with our Regional Supervisors, who are former Program Directors with further experience out in the field. Collectively our planning and management team is an incredible resource with 420+ summers of combined teen travel experience. This way we can lend a hand wherever and whenever a little extra effort is called for. Last year we had 208 scheduled supervisory program visits to make sure all was running well, provide ongoing support to our staff in the field, and have fun! This investment in depth of personnel is unrivaled in teen travel and is a critical element to achieving consistent, excellent program quality and surpassing client expectations!

Included in the trip tuition are all activities and entertainment described, breakfast & dinner daily, lunches as indicated on your specific program, gratuities, taxes, land transportation, accommodations, and fanatical customer service from our full-time team and summer Communication Centers. This can add up to tremendous value!

Food & Meals

A big part of your summer fashion program's success depends on how well you eat. We are proud of the fact that year after year we are complimented for our quality, quantity and choice of food! Enjoy a delicious breakfast with a healthy variety of hot and cold choices. For dinners, either the whole group goes to the same restaurant or we divide into smaller groups with staff to sample quainter places with a variety of different cuisines. For lunch, you enjoy the choice of eating in smaller groups and choosing from local cafes and small restaurants. Food options are varied and plentiful.  The food in New York City is terrific, so get set to eat extremely well!

We have satisfied the choosiest of eaters and gladly accommodate most special dietary requests including vegetarian, anaphylactic food allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease and kosher style. We welcome discussing your individual requirements with you and have extensive personal experience in this area.

Getting Around

Students accompanied by our staff will use public transit.  Our central location also makes it easy to walk to many of our New York City activities.

Keeping In Touch Over The Summer – 24/7 Peace Of Mind

While you’re out having the summer of your life, your parents should feel like they are in on the action as well.  We post updates to our blog and Facebook page and e-mail photos approximately once a week so those at home can be in on the fun. Parents also have access to our dedicated office Trip Monitors 24/7 for any questions and/or concerns. We’re as in touch as any trip operator could possibly be via smartphones with e-mail and text. The goal is uncompromising safety and peace of mind, day after day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Participants may bring their personal cell phones.

We Deliver – 99% Approval Rating!

In last summer’s surveys, 99% of responding teens and parents said they would recommend us to others. We must be doing something right!

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