California Dreaming for middle school students

Turn your Cali dreams into reality on this trip that packs in a week of SoCal glamour, beaches and action-packed fun with Northern California excitement. Take in the sights and sounds of San Francisco as you visit Alcatraz, the “seal-ebrities” at Pier 39 and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Waterski or wakeboard in Lake Tahoe, before soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara. Searching for celebrities in LA and then ride the waves in San Diego. At the end of two weeks, you will wish it was longer!

Ultimate California for middle school students

Does this summer trip sound too good to be true? It may, but don’t worry it’s definitely not a dream, it’s the ultimate west coast road trip for students! From San Fran and Lake Tahoe in Northern Cal, cruise down the coast and fall in love with the beaches of Santa Barbara and the most famous hotspots in LA & San Diego as you experience SoCal. Then venture into the American Southwest exploring the majesty of the area’s diverse landscape and dramatically changing scenery with a stay in Vegas and grand finale in beautiful Scottsdale. With so much adventure and excitement, you’ll be thrilled it’s reality and agree it is one unbelievable trip!

California & the Canyons for Middle School students

Stargazing takes on two completely different meanings when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and when you’re gazing at the night sky in tranquil Bryce Canyon. This trip truly has it all – the magic of California combined with the beauty of canyon country. Incredible cities, breathtaking National Parks, adrenaline […]

California Sprint for Middle School students

This is your opportunity to experience all of California … and enjoy everything it has to offer. The excitement of San Fran, the adventure in Tahoe, the waves of the Pacific Ocean, the magic of LA and sunshine in San Diego. Prepare to be amazed by the state’s diverse landscape and unforgettable sites. With the perfect […]

Californian Extravaganza for Middle School Students

You’re in for the teen tour of a lifetime as you travel through the Golden State this summer! This incredible itinerary takes you on a loop from the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, down the coast of California into canyon country. In between, you’ll have the chance to raft the Snake River, surf the Pacific, conquer […]

European Discovery

Student Tour of Europe List everything you’d want to see and do on a trip through Europe. Now compare that list with the itinerary highlights below. We’ve got it all covered! You’ll traverse four countries through Europe’s greatest cities hitting all the major attractions and taking in all the incredible sites on this once in a […]

Eastcoast Encounter

This teen tour gives you the best of what the Northeast has to offer. Get ready for the non-stop thrills on the water with whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, waterskiing or wakeboarding, experiencing Niagara Falls on the Voyage to the Falls, jet boating and so much more. The adventure doesn’t stop on the water though as […]

Hawaii & Alaska

ALOHA! Meet your new Ohana for 10 incredible days of adventure and scenic wonders on 3 Hawaiian Islands. Then jet to Vancouver, known as Hollywood North for 6 amazing days in Western Canada featuring an action-packed resort stay in Whistler. Get ready for the Via Ferrata mountain challenge! Cross the border to Seattle for 3 […]

Major League Madness East & Midwest

TRIP SUMMARY Catch a foul ball, get that prized autograph during batting practice, and sit in the dugout on a behind-the-scenes stadium tour. That’s just the start of this ultimate baseball fantasy tour. Take in up to 11 exciting games at Major League Ballparks with your fellow baseball fanatics!

Eastcoast Encounter

If you think you already live life in the fast lane, hold onto your hat as you’re in for an incredible ride on this itinerary … down a luge track in Mont Tremblant or along the Niagara River at 60 mph on a jet boat. This tour puts you in the heart of the exciting […]