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Pre-College Enrichment Programs

Choose from a wide range of enriching courses, while experiencing college life on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles, on the campus of McGill University in Montreal and at prestigious schools in Florence or Barcelona.

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Language Programs

Our pre-college enrichment and language programs will help you get ahead, where learning happens both inside the classroom and beyond! For high school students completing grades 9-12.

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"Psychology was good because we learned the information in a way that wasn't just a boring lecture. The surfing instructors taught us what we needed to learn and also gave us the freedom to then get to surf on our own."

Jack Riekena - Atlanta, Georgia

"Everything about this program was amazing. From my classes, I learned how to cook and take amazing photos. I also learned so much about the college application process and made so many friends along the way. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone."

Jonathan Choeff - Miami Beach, Florida

"Thank you for providing Zack this amazing summer experience. He really enjoyed his courses and was most impressed with the instructors who are professionals in their fields. This stood out to him compared to other summer programs he has attended. Your program showed him so many fun places in the L.A. area. He bonded with the staff mentioning that they took the time to get to know him!"

Hilleri Saunders - Highland Park, Illinois

"Pre-College Enrichment was the best choice I ever made! Studying in one of the most beautiful cities with incredible history and amazing food is a once in a lifetime experience! I made the most amazing friends and saw life changing places! The staff was incredible and always there for me! From this experience, I can say I am more prepared for college and I think everyone should go through an experience like this before they venture off into the real world!"

Lauryn Weinstock - Mendham, New Jersey

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