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Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Adventure - 21 Days

Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Adventure
21 Days

+$1,475 for internal flights; plus airfare to Lima and from Quito

  • Completing Grades

    9, 10, 11

  • Departure Dates
    June 27 - July 17
    July 01 - July 21
  • What's Included
    Small Group Adventure

    Basic Hotels

    Group Size

    Up to 24 participants

    Price Includes

    All lodging, three meals daily, all activities listed, gratuities and taxes.

    Cultural Sensitivity

    This program requires an open mind to experience a different culture, new foods and modest hotels. Embrace these differences and you will be rewarded.

    Most participants will join the full 21 days of this action-packed program. Some may depart after 11 days in Peru.

    Note: On this program, all airfare is arranged by Westcoast Connection. 

Bienvenidos a South America! From the beautiful landscapes to the rich history, you’ll be amazed at all that these two amazing countries have to offer. Come experience it all – a fascinating visit to the ancient archaeological treasure of Machu Picchu, sand boarding and riding dune buggies in the desert oasis of Huacachina, walking the equatorial line in Quito and snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands. This is no ordinary summer; it’s the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Flight To Lima, Peru and home from Quito, Ecuador

    Participants on this program have the option of joining us on a chaperoned flight to Lima that will be from either South Florida and/or a NY/NJ area airport, determined in the spring. Our staff will be with you from check-in onward. For our many travelers from outside these areas, you can choose to join the chaperoned flight and we are happy to help you arrange connecting flights at suitable times. If you prefer, you may meet us in Lima and we will help you coordinate your flight and times and greet you as you come through immigration and customs.

    For your return from Quito, our staff will fly with you on a chaperoned flight to either south Florida and/or a NY/NJ area airport, determined in the spring. For those traveling from the New York area, we have a chaperoned flight back to NY. For travelers from outside these cities, we help you arrange transfers at suitable times after clearing customs and immigration in the USA.

  • Lima

    Welcome to Peru’s capital and largest city! There is no better city to begin our adventure. Enjoy the beautiful Plazas like San Martin and Plaza de Armas as well as a beautiful view of the Governor’s Palace. Our group will enjoy a traditional Peruvian cooking class with a private chef. Take a boat trip to the Islas Ballestas off the coast of Paracas to visit sea lions and penguins sunbathing in their natural habitat.

  • Cusco & The Sacred Valley

    Tour the narrow cobblestone streets of Cusco and explore this ancient Incan capital from Sacsayhuaman to the Plaza de Armas. The Sacred Valley will be our base for adventure as we whitewater raft the Urubamba River, bike the rolling landscapes and venture on new paths by horseback. Enjoy the picturesque mountains of the Sacred Valley by climbing a mountain by Via Ferrata. Meet and work alongside members of the Cachiccata community making adobe bricks used to improve the elementary school.

  • Aguas Calientes & Machu Picchu

    Travel by train to the Incan ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu, one of the seven man-made wonders of the world. Enjoy the incredible hike to the Sun Gate for beautiful views of the mountains and citadel. Peru’s most famous and significant site is likely to leave you breathless.

  • Huacachina

    Huacachina is a small oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes nestled next to a picturesque lagoon. Experience the thrills of sand boarding and riding dune buggies with the natural beauty of Huacachina’s oasis in the background. After saying goodbyes to any travelers with us only for the Peru segment, the amazing adventure continues to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands for more action that begins with a warm welcome to any new travelers joining us.

  • Quito

    Fly to Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. From your hotel in the lively Mariscal district, visit the beautiful colonial area and experience latitude zero at La Mitad del Mundo (Center of the World). Ascend to 12,150 feet aboard the Funicular offering unrivaled views of the city and Pichincha Volcano.

  • Mindo Cloud Forest

    Get set for an extreme adrenaline rush. Zip-line 11,975 feet over 12 cables above the cloud forest canopy and hold on to your tube while riding the rapids of the Mindo River.

  • San Cristobal Island

    Visit the San Cristobal Interpretive Center and snorkel among amazing marine life by Frigate Bird Hill and Darwin Bay. View the island landscape from Junco Lake formed in an extinct volcanic crater. Snorkel among playful sea lions at La Loberia Reserve and by sea turtles at Lobos Island. The huge volcanic formation of Kicker Rock is one of the best snorkeling spots of the Galapagos featuring king angel fish, starfish, rays, turtles, and colorful corals.

  • Santa Cruz Island

    Hike to Tortuga Bay known for its beautiful white sand beach and multitudes of marine iguanas. Kayak in the mangrove protected salt water cove. Climb, crawl and hike through natural lava tunnels and walk around the edge of Twin Craters.

  • Quito

    From our final farewell banquet, we reflect on our incredible adventure and cherished new friendships before returning home.

Lima District

Welcome to Lima! Enjoy your first two nights in the Peruvian capital at a few carefully selected hotels. Properties include La Castellana and Britania Miraflores. Amenities at all hotels include air conditioning and internet access.

Hotel Tikawasi Valley – Sacred Valley

The hotel is located in the picturesque village of Ollantaytambo, 100 meters from the archaeological center of town. Rooms have comfortable beds, private bathroom, and Wi-Fi.

Hotel Humantay – Aguas Calientes

As you explore Machu Picchu, you will stay at Hotel Humantay which has Wi-Fi, clean & comfortable rooms and very friendly staff. This hotel has a great view of Aguas Calientes and is a short walk to restaurants and local markets.

Hotel Tupac Yupanqui – Cusco

While in Cusco, you will relax at the Hotel Tupac Yupanqui. This hotel boasts welcoming rooms with cable TV and Wi-Fi. The hotel is within walking distance to the vibrant city center.

El Huacachinero – Huacachina

Welcome to Huacachina where you’ll experience the amazing sand dunes. We’ll check in to El Huacachinero where you are able to rest, relax and use the swimming pool in this gorgeous oasis. All rooms have Wi-Fi.

Hotel Embassy – Quito

Our hotel is strategically located in the lively Mariscal distract, an exclusive area of the city near museums, galleries, theaters, historic city center and other tourist attractions. Each room features Wi-Fi, phone and a safe.

Grand Hotel Paraiso Insular – San Cristobal Galapagos

This hotel, though basic, is clean, has internet, and all rooms have comfortable beds, private baths and air conditioning. It offers a nice patio with gardens and hammocks to enjoy where we can chill and laugh about the excitement of the fish we saw on our amazing snorkeling expedition or the sea lions we met!

Villa Laguna – Santa Cruz Galapagos

This three-story hotel is set in front of a fresh-water pool. The rooms have Wi-Fi and are clean & comfortable with spaces to take in the majesty of the islands. Poolside, there are plenty of spaces to lounge in the rich Galapagos breeze.

Safety and supervision, our #1 priority – no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

At Westcoast Connection nothing else comes first. From our extensive trip planning department through our management team and our leaders, it is our single biggest priority! Safety procedures, equipment – we’ve got it covered. All Trip Leaders and Directors are certified in First Aid and CPR. We are extremely proud of our safety record and welcome all questions you may have in this area. Please see more under Safety First.

Trustworthy staff – leaders worth following!

Once you are on your trip, you will have sensitive leaders that are caring, approachable and always there for you. Your Trip Director and Trip Leaders are people with incredible backgrounds including teachers, guitar players, IRONMAN triathletes, SCUBA divers, volunteers, and so much more.

Every staff member takes part in and must complete our extensive training weekends that review our philosophy and procedures to provide a well-supervised and fun-filled program.

Our Trip Directors, the individuals responsible for overseeing each itinerary, take on the roles of teachers, coaches, camp counselors, mentors, concierges and hosts. They’ve been trained to provide individual attention and create an all-inclusive family atmosphere (our EACH & EVERY philosophy). There’s a definite art to building dynamic groups, and we’ve worked hard to master it! We want you smiling on day one right through to a teary goodbye at your farewell banquet.

Our leaders are non-smokers. To learn more about our staff, please visit our Summer Leaders section.

Group Dynamics – And Very Dynamic Groups

We can’t say it too many times, this is a really incredible group experience. A great dynamic starts with our secrets for group bonding. Our bag of tricks goes way beyond traditional ice breakers. Imagine people hunts, Rock, Paper, Scissors championships, Ninja tournaments, flash mobs and so much more. We work hard to get everyone moving beyond first impressions and creating an atmosphere of total acceptance. Our staff hiring and training emphasizes social safety and establishing an inclusive culture. Many of our travelers come as individuals and we have a geographically diverse enrollment with students joining us from across the U.S., Canada and internationally. This mix helps eliminate cliques at the outset and establish an open environment that benefits you. We take great care in assembling groups to create an unforgettable social experience.

Active Travel Experiences – Adrenalin Pumping & Heart Throbbing Trips!

Planning teen trips is of course a science. But it is also an art. We know when to pick up the pace to get the adrenaline flowing. We also know when it’s time to chill on the beach or have a sleep in. As you review our program, know that we have worked to make every minute of every day just right.

Leadership & Life Skills – So Much More Than Amazing Activities And Sights.

There is so much more to a teen travel experience than just traveling. Summer after summer we love nothing more than the feedback from parents sharing with us that their son or daughter has matured, has become more confident and outgoing, is more poised, more responsible and more worldly having had not just the summer of a lifetime, but a life changing experience as well. It’s amazing how much growth can occur when you are traveling and sharing the experience with incredible people in a warm and welcoming environment.

As you travel overseas and experience other cultures and customs first hand, your perception will change as your understanding of and empathy for citizens of other countries naturally grows. Whereas prior to your travels media headlines about a foreign government may have led to generalized conclusions, your new interactions with locals and firsthand experience will enable you to see we often share more in common with others than we may have known.

Imagine seeing first hand all you’ve learned about in your global or environmental studies class when you are standing on Machu Picchu, straddling the Equator at Mitad del Mundo, snorkeling through Kicker’s Rock or seeing firsthand the giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Center.

Our experience lends itself to trying new things and stepping just outside of one’s comfort zone. With a taste of age-appropriate independence, and a healthy reprieve from the usual pressures associated with school life, we want you to be empowered and we provide you with an opportunity to grow.

Living, experiencing, and learning together, you will be afforded the chance to interact with other teens who share both similar and different backgrounds and interests. Everybody grows in their social acceptance of others. By the end of the program we hope to have lit a spark – to travel, to learn, to meet new people, to try new things and to explore. With new friendships, new memories and new life skills on which to build, our teen travel experiences are truly unforgettable.

The Highest Quality & Great Value – Our Niche!

There really is a difference in how different summer programs operate! Motivated teens going away with qualified leaders is a given. But what sets us apart is the depth of our qualified personnel that allow us to perform with the greatest consistency at the highest level.

Your Trip Director and Trips Leaders are with you throughout your program. They have daily contact with one of our two 24-hour Communication Centers and are in regular contact with our Company Directors. Our Company Directors are the most seasoned veterans who each oversee specific programs providing support to trip staff and to assist with any situations that may arise. Our Company Directors alternate between traveling to visit programs and being reached in the office.

Program visits enable us to provide ongoing support and development to our Trip Directors, allows trip staff to have a sounding board for their own progress in reaching trip goals, helps us to identify any challenging areas for improvement while it still has relevance to your summer rather than as a mention on your end-of-summer survey, and helps us to identify the future Directors from the current crop of all-star summer staff. These visits are by Company Directors along with our Regional Supervisors, who are former Trip Directors with further experience out in the field. Collectively our planning, supervisory and management team is an incredible resource with 499 summers of combined teen travel experience. This way, we can lend a hand wherever and whenever a little extra effort is called for. Last year, we had 212 scheduled supervisory trip visits to make sure all was running well, provide ongoing support to our staff in the field and have fun! This investment in depth of personnel is unrivaled in teen travel and is a critical element to achieving consistent, excellent program quality and surpassing client expectations!

Included in the trip tuition are all activities and entertainment described, breakfast and dinner daily, lunches as indicated on your specific program, gratuities, taxes, land transportation, accommodations, and fanatical customer service from our full-time team and summer Communication Centers. This can add up to tremendous value!

Where We Stay – Your Home Away From Home

We provide clean and comfortable accommodations.  Please don’t expect luxury resorts and at the same time we know you need a good night’s rest. For quality and consistency of the group experience, we do not have any homestays. Each student has their own bed. For more detailed information on any specific program, visit the section marked Where We Stay.

Meals & New Cuisines

A big part of a program’s success depends on how well you eat. We are proud of the fact that year after year we are complimented for our quality and quantity of food and variety of options. Meals vary by destination. Part of your travel experience will be immersing yourself in the local cuisine and culture so please bring with you an open mind and a willingness to try new things. For example, the food will be a mix of “typical food” including chicken, beef and of course ceviche and pachamanca are great local options. They also have North American style options on the menu. In Ecuador and Peru, we recommend against drinking the local tap water and we provide clean water for our travelers.

We have satisfied the choosiest of eaters and gladly accommodate most special dietary requests including vegetarian, anaphylactic food allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, and kosher style. We welcome discussing your individual requirements with you and have extensive personal experience in this area. International travel may present more challenges than domestic locations, but we are happy to review your personal needs and help you select an appropriate itinerary


On our Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos programs, you’ll ride in air-conditioned vehicles with professional drivers (from motor coaches to smaller passenger vans). You will travel to Machu Picchu by train. Travel to the Galapagos Islands is on regularly scheduled jet planes. On the islands, you will travel on land by buses and on water excursions on professionally captained boats that can seat 10 to 16 people.

Laundry – Keep It Clean

You only need to bring one week’s worth of clothing as outlined in our packing list as we have the opportunity for laundry weekly.

On our international programs, every week you will drop off your laundry at a local wash and fold service and then pick it up clean, folded and ready to go.

Keeping In Touch Over The Summer – 24/7 Peace Of Mind

While you’re out having the summer of your life, your parents should feel like they are in on the action as well.  We post updates to our blog and Facebook page and e-mail photos approximately once a week so those at home can be in on the fun. Parents also have access to our dedicated office Trip Monitors 24/7 for any questions and/or concerns. We’re as in touch as any trip operator could possibly be via smartphones with e-mail and text. The goal is uncompromising safety and peace of mind, day after day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Participants may bring their personal cell phones.

We Deliver – 98% Approval Rating!

In last summer’s surveys, 98% of responding teens and parents said they would recommend us to others. We must be doing something right!

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