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Beaches and Buddhas

Nicknamed The Land of Smiles—there are 13 types of smiles used to express everything from extreme happiness to seething anger—Thailand is a country known worldwide for its friendly people, tasty cuisine, ancient temples, and beautiful beaches. Modern day Thailand is a melting pot of Southeast Asian cultures. Known for its distinct rich cultural heritage, learning Thai customs and beliefs will be an adventure all its own. You better start practicing the wai, the traditional Thai greeting. And remember, since Thais consider the head to be the highest part of the body and the feet to be the lowest (spiritually), they would be uncomfortable if you were to touch an adult on the head and it’s considered extremely rude to do almost anything but walk with your feet. It might seem like a vastly different world. Multiple modes of transport—elevated Skytrain, canal boat, three wheeled tuk-tuk, longtail boat, and bamboo rafts. And sights you don’t see every day—shrines, temples, palaces and Buddhas. But the Thai people will make you feel at home with their friendliness and warmth.

Fast facts
  • Thailand is home to 68 million people.
  • Official language is Thai.
  • Thailand borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia with the Gulf of Thailand on its southern border.
  • Thailand was known as Siam until 1939 (and again from 1945 to 1949). And Siamese cats are native to Thailand.

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