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Costa Rica:
Pura Vida. Pure Life, Indeed.

Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica boasts a successful democracy, booming international eco-tourism, and a highly productive coffee industry. Maintaining a peaceful presence in the world—without a military!—and a diplomatically neutral stance has earned the small but mighty country the nickname “The Switzerland of Central America”. Without defense spending, the government has been able to invest in social programs—universal health care, social security, and free, mandatory education. Stable government, high literacy rate, environmental policies and successful eco-tourism, a peaceful way of life. Costa Rica has become a much-beloved travel destination.

Fast facts
  • Costa Rica is home to 4.8 million people
  • Official language is Spanish
  • Borders Nicaragua, Panama, and the Caribbean Sea to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west.
  • Columbus claimed to have seen “more gold in two days than in four years in Spain,” so he dubbed it la costa rica or “the rich coast.”

Two unique ways to experience Costa Rica

Whatever you do, you’ll do it with exceptional individual attention within a dynamic, tightly bonded group.

Community Service Programs
  • Rewarding community service projects
  • Exciting recreation and adventure activities
  • Earn a certificate for 30/60/70 hours of service
Combination Spanish Language & Community Service
  • Spanish classes from beginner level to advanced (20 or 30 hours)
  • Earn a certificate for 20/30 hours of service

All summer trips to Costa Rica include incredible activity highlights like surfing, white water rafting, horseback riding and even soaking in mud baths! Check out each itinerary for specific details.

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