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So Much Fun in the Land Down Under.

Australia is famous for so many things including animals and reptiles found nowhere else in the world. Kangaroos and koalas. Wallabies and wombats. There are one of a kind environments like the Great Barrier Reef and the oldest rainforest in the world. And there is iconic architecture such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. A rich Aboriginal culture combined with a fascinating European history, Australia today is home to people from more than 200 countries. The world’s largest island is also the world’s smallest continent. Thanks to the rough desert terrain of the outback, most Aussies live near the coast, making for vibrant, sunny beachside cities. Vastly friendly, full of fun, adventure and a love of the great outdoors. You’ll love the Aussie feel with an unhurried pace, laid-back lifestyle and sunny days worth getting up for.

Fast facts
  • Australia is home to more than 24 million people.
  • Official language is English
  • Australia stands alone and sits between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  • Captain James Cook claimed Australia for Great Britain in 1770.

Two unique ways to discover Australia

Explore everything the land Down Under has to offer: incredible beauty, friendly culture and amazing adventure.  All trips to Australia visit Sydney, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Active Teen Tour
  • 22 days in Australia or 27 days in Australia plus Hawaii
  • Also visit the Gold Coast, Fraser Island and Surfers Paradise
  • Group size up to 45 participants
  • Travel by private motorcoach
  • Stay at hotels and resorts – plus a 2-night rainforest lodge experience
Global Adventure Program
  • 12 days in Australia or 23 of New Zealand & Australia
  • Group size up to 24 participants
  • Use public transportation in Sydney as needed
  • Stay at hotels, hostels and a 3-night rainforest lodge experience

Highlights in Australia include climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, SCUBA diving and snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, cable knee-boarding – and (of course!) getting up close and personal with koalas and kangaroos.

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