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We’ve crafted unique programs around sought-after experiences to make your travel goals become a reality. Discuss your interests with us so we may review the differences and recommend that best suited to your personal desires. Regardless of type, we care deeply about the quality of your experience!  Click the links below to read reviews by teens and parents for our amazing programs.

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Active Teen Tours


This is the 5th trip my family has taken – We love you and feel comfortable sending our children on your trips. The photos and blogs were great and they kept coming until the very end!
Barbara & Jeffrey Scheine, Pleasantville, New York

What an amazing trip and experience for Julia. I was extremely hesitant to send her but Westcoast Connection exceeded all of my expectations. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism, accessibility, and reliability of the staff. Westcoast Connection provided a meaningful and fun experience for Julia, while keeping me informed weekly with pictures and blogs. By all reports, the leaders were fabulous! Thank you! I would without hesitation send one of my children on a Westcoast Connection trip.
Liz Corsini, Englewood, New Jersey

Matt had a 10 out of 10 trip – He enjoyed every part of it and made some really nice friends. He thought his leaders were just great and speaks very highly of them. Matt has told many fun filled stories of his adventures, loved learning to skate and surf. I am so happy to say that everything was just great and he loved his trip and said “we made the right decision by going on Westcoast Connection!!!” Thanks for a great summer.
Bev Chaimberg, Montreal, Quebec

Every aspect of Whitney’s trip was carefully executed, well-thought out and I never questioned her safety.
Karen Rosenberg, Swampscott, Massachusetts

I have gone to sleep away camp for 5 years, and this by far has been the best summer of my life. I have made amazing friends that I know I will definitely keep in touch with! I will never forget the memories I made this summer.
Morgan Levy, New York, New York

Our trip director was truly amazing. This program was so eye-opening. It helped me try new things that I never thought I could do. The friendships we have formed are amazing and I hate having to say good bye to everyone. This summer was the best by far. I will never forget these past 4 weeks and the memories I have made. I had an amazing experience that I am very thankful for.
Jamie Honowitz, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Amanda had an amazing time this summer! She loved all the places they saw and all the people on the trip. It was amazing how close she became with the kids so quickly! When they came off the plane they wanted nothing to do with their parents! Thanks for a great trip. I knew she was well taken care of which made my 4 weeks with her away very relaxing!
Andrea Gabay, Short Hills, New Jersey

Jared really enjoyed his experience with Westcoast Connection. He really seemed to be excited with all of the activities and met a great group of kids. We were extremely happy with the communication and photos during the trip. Thank you so much for making Jared’s summer so wonderful. We look forward to another Westcoast Connection experience next year!!
Stephanie & Steve Grabell, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

This was a great first experience going away for Conor. He really enjoyed all the activities and meeting new people. As parents, we appreciated the excellent communication and attention to detail, balanced with giving the kids a real sense of independence.
Heidi & Brian Dunleavy, Larchmont, New York

Jesse had an amazing time. He made a lot of new friends and said the staff was awesome. He enjoyed all aspects of the trip and we would definitely recommend the trip to friends. Thanks for the blog and photos they were wonderful as well. First class act!
Tracey Geffin Dikes, Weston, Florida

This was my third Westcoast Connection trip, I see how much planning and work goes into these trips to make them meet and exceed expectations. Thanks for another amazing summer!
Jeffrey Rosen, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

This is a great trip for any kind of teenager because you get a little bit of everything, from camping to hotels to museums to amusement parks!
Anthony Cucco, Killdeer, Illinois


Everyone is so friendly and I became friends with everyone immediately. You become so close with everyone at the end and it’s so hard to leave. It honestly was the summer of a lifetime. Europe feels like a dream and I wish I never had to wake up and leave.
Molly Nolan, Wayzata, Minnesota

Last summer on my western tour the staff was amazing and everyone was fun-loving, easy going, and a pleasure to live with. The trip was perfect. This summer in Europe all of the sights were fantastic. My favorite place to visit was Paris and the sights in London. I learned the value of the history of the places. Adam my director was hilarious! This summer changed my life. I am so grateful to have visited these places and to share it with such wonderful people.
Samantha Donsky, Armonk, New York

I have made lifelong friends from all over the world and I am so grateful to Westcoast Connection for providing this experience for me! I feel like I really saw Hawaii and will always remember the incredible activities we did and the people I met!
Sydney Edelstein, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The experience was amazing, it was a great summer. My favorite places were Whistler and Seattle. Friends and staff were all so sweet and caring. I became more independent and learned how to do a lot more things. I am for sure doing it again next year!
Danielle Caller, Cincinnati, Ohio

The program was a fantastic way to explore the west coast of the USA. All of the activities were great, well thought out and very fun. Along the way you have unforgettable experiences. It lets you meet people from near and far and it creates bonds and relationships that last a lifetime.
Shane Gould, Thornhill, Ontario

global-adv-header-719101009I thought I would regret not going back to camp, but as the days went by and as I made new friends I realized it was a smart choice that I made, to go on a Westcoast Connection trip. The staff made the trip 10x better.
Max Greenberg, Boca Raton, Florida

Brandon’s trip director Mike was incredible. The bond that he and Brandon developed was priceless (like a big brother). I thought the experience of traveling would be great for Brandon but never imagined that such a strong friendship and bond would be built between the two. This will be a friendship that will last a very long time.
Robin Schwartz, Phoenix, Arizona

This was the best summer of my life. I loved it and didn’t want it to end. Our trip director was great!! We had the best staff and amazing trip members, people I will remain friends with for the rest of my life.
Gail Cohen, Reisterstown, Maryland

The friends I made on this trip in 25 days feel like I’ve known them forever. I could not ask for a better trip and I will never forget my summer. The locations were beautiful and I have a new family. Westcoast Connection is my home away from home.
Camille Jonna, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Community Service

cs-img_1995It was an awesome experience, far above what I expected and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Anyone who doesn’t go is missing out. Phenomenal staff, lifelong friends, personal accomplishment – everything was just perfect. I learned how needed my help was in other cities. The kids seem to truly appreciate my service and that was the most rewarding thing of all!
Claire Yerman, West Bloomfield, Michigan

I really enjoyed the balance of service and adventure. This program is awesome because you enjoy the adventure and the beauty of Costa Rica. However, at the same time you are humbled by the community service. It’s the perfect mix of work and fun.
Carly Kempler, Clarksville, Maryland

This was a life changing experience. I will never forget the people that I shared this with or the amazing things I have done. At the orphanage we created really tight bonds with the kids and it was heartbreaking when we had to leave. I got out of this trip a lot more than I could get in an entire lifetime!
Margot Neveux, Paris, France

Rachel loved every minute of it! She made amazing friends and participated in life changing community service programs. She came back so grown up and ready to take on the challenges of the world. Our hats go off to all of the people who made this trip so meaningful for her. She had the summer of a lifetime and the memories that she will have the rest of her life.
Jill & Mark Sassower, New York, New York

Doing community service in Africa was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. The relationships formed with the kids during service will never be forgotten and I will always remember them.
Amelia Eskenazi, Indianapolis, Indiana

Westcoast Connection was an amazing experience. This was my second trip and once again it exceeded my expectations. I truly grew as a person and would recommend this trip to anybody. I met many great people and our memories will last a lifetime. The service we did was very meaningful and it helped me mature by participating with others. My favorite project was the Boys and Girls Club because I really connected with the kids. Courtney, the director, ran a well organized trip. She did everything possible to please us.
Cody Flanzer, Parkland, Florida

My service trip was a life-changing experience that opened my eyes in a new way to the difficulties people have and gave me lasting friendships.
Gwen Byrne, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Alaska was amazing. It was beautiful and the community service was extremely rewarding. My favorite project was Peterson Bay because afterwards I got to see my work being used. Participating on this program has opened my eyes to the beauty of Alaska and helped me change the lives of other people. It is an amazing place.
Sarah Evan, Forest Hills, New York

I loved all the people that came on the trip and have made many amazing friendships that will be everlasting. Boys and Girls Club was my favorite project because I loved making a bond with the children. I will always remember the service that we did and how we made such an impact on strangers.
Sasha Aaron, Atlanta, Georgia


This was the BEST summer of my life! My favorite service project was Ronald McDonald because I stepped out of my comfort zone and felt that I made a difference. It was unforgettable. It is a very eye-opening experience and a chance to meet great people.
Sydni Grossman, Jericho, New York

The Boys & Girls Club was my favorite service project because I could see the effect I was making. I am more aware of diverse backgrounds and I have met people I will never forget. The community service was rewarding and I loved it. The friends I met in California are truly my best friends ever.
Micaela Berz, Chicago, Illinois

During the trip I have learned that happiness isn’t only achieved by what you get, but also what you give. Volunteering and doing community service is truly a wonderful feeling. Traveling is exciting and a great experience, especially when you are with great people who are there for the same reason.
Ricki Schilowitz, Remsenburg, New York

At Habitat for Humanity, I liked how you could really feel like you were helping. And at the Boys and Girls Club, I feel like we made connections with the kids. I knew that the service would be hard work but I never expected to enjoy it so much and feel so rewarded.
Arielle Hamburg, Pikesville, Maryland

This program was better than what I was expecting. My favorite community service project was the Boys and Girls Club because we had the chance to have fun with little kids and make them smile, also to teach them some things. The staff was just so awesome. Making friends is not a problem, everyone is friendly, sweet, and it was great to meet them all.
Nour Amhal, Casablanca, Morocco

I got to see the immediate effects I was having on the community. It was really rewarding to see the kids smile as I was playing with them. Both the community service and adventure activities were amazing experiences.
Zoe Henry, Los Angeles, California

Community service programs really open your eyes to what is going on in the world. The activities were so much fun and a lot more than I expected. The Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation was my favorite because I loved working and playing with the babies at the daycare. This program has changed my life.
Alexandra Goodman, Montclair, New Jersey

The impact I saw being made was incredible and the work itself was very fun. Painting the woman’s house was my favorite service; hearing her story was amazing. I have learned to be more thankful for what I have and want to be more active in my community. There was a perfect amount of service, adventure, work and fun which made the experience that much better. The leaders were very fun to be around and extremely helpful. I had an amazing learning experience with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Being able to do amazing service work in such a beautiful place was incredible. Best summer of my life.
Sarah Togman, Thornhill, Ontario

Last summer in Costa Rica, I loved the trip – it changed my life! I feel like I learned so much about other cultures. I loved building at the school because the kids were so sweet and appreciative of what we were doing. The service, adventure and fun were spread out perfectly and I enjoyed all of it. This summer, Ecuador & the Galapagos was an amazing trip! I learned and experienced so much! Westcoast Connection rocks! My friends on the trip and my leaders are like family! So many great memories were made!
Stephanie Mordoh, Briarcliff, New York

The program made me more understanding of different communities and lifestyles. The service taught me that giving it your all in helping others is very rewarding. Julie’s the best director!
Zachary Davidson, Newton, Massachusetts

I absolutely LOVED the trip. The service opportunities were extraordinary and outstanding. The projects were rewarding and I feel like a better person now that I’ve done the trip. The orphanage was my favorite because it felt like I made a difference. Loved this trip, amazing kids and activities. I made amazing friends. I recommend this trip to everyone!
Jake Martin, Toronto, Ontario

It was a perfect combo of giving back to the welcoming community, seeing majestic beauty, and creating lasting friendships. This trip could not have possibly been better! I can honestly say that I’ve had the adventure of my life thus far. I’ve made so many friendships, had so many laughs, and feel so fulfilled. I know that the memories I have made will stay with me forever, and the experiences will shape the person that I will become.
Grant Besner, Davie, Florida

Everything was amazing and changed my life. I liked working at the Boys and Girls Club because the kids I met are so amazing and changed me. They were so nice and I had so much fun being with them. The community service is life-changing, I see things differently and it makes you appreciate things so much more. I made friends on this trip that will last forever. The leaders were lots of fun, they made the trip great. Every memory was amazing.
Brooke Shepetin, East Brunswick, New Jersey

The community service program was incredibly rewarding and had a perfect balance of service and adventure. I loved the Boys and Girls Club because we formed bonds with the children. This program has made me more independent and more aware of how I can contribute to serving the community. Robyn was an amazing director! I made friendships that I know will last a very long time. I would recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat!!
Allie Mayers, Montreal, Quebec

My favorite project was the orphanage because you could really interact with the girls and see how happy they are. I have been opened up to different cultures and styles of life. I was able to really experience how interacting with the local people for only a short time could really help them and make them happy.
Jenna Kubiak, Sharon, Massachusetts

Sammi had the time of her life. She seemed to embrace and love every part of the trip. She truly enjoyed every minute of the trip, remarked that the community service piece felt genuine and has not stopped talking about the trip.
Michele Levin, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Thailand was the best summer of my life. The Lahu Village service project was my favorite. It was so rewarding to see an entire building that we constructed in one day. It was so eye-opening. My experience on Westcoast Connection has been amazing. The relationships and friendships that I have created have been better than I ever could have imagined. Melissa the director was so much fun! This truly was the best summer of my life.
Carly Leiter, Summit, New Jersey 

Language Programs

I loved the trip, it was an unbelievable experience. I was able to use Spanish a lot. This was truly a trip of a lifetime and a summer I will never forget.
Samantha Lerner, Needham, Massachusetts

The program was great. It was the perfect balance of culture, language, and free time. I made many great friends. My Spanish improved a lot, my speaking and listening were the two areas that improved most. The staff all want you to have a great time.
Bradley Fallick, Armonk, New York

language-inspiration-1-img_0580-3All the staff was terrific and worked hard to ensure we had a great experience. The touring was excellent, and I learned a lot of Spanish and culture. It’s great to discover the wonders of Spain with a group of friends. Everyone helps each other cross cultural and language barriers.
Jason Claman, Short Hills, New Jersey

Not only did I improve my Spanish, but my eyes were opened to a new culture and I was able to experience this phenomenon while gaining independence and making lifelong friends.
Andrew Shatz, Southborough, Massachusetts

This trip was the best experience that Juliet has ever had being away from home! I can’t express how grateful I am for the wonderful director and leaders you selected for this trip. She loved the people in Costa Rica as well. She especially loved all the other teens on the trip. What can you say when you see your child come home with beautiful memories that she have for the rest of her life!
Mary Schneider, Manhasset, New York

I never expected this trip to be so much fun. I enjoyed all the activities and wouldn’t change any of them. Working at the orphanage was my favorite service project because I put a smile on the children’s faces and learned Spanish at the same time, it couldn’t have gotten any better! I noticed an improvement in my Spanish within the first couple of days. I have formed new friendships that will last a long time and learned a language that will help me in the future. I had an amazing experience and I got to fulfill all of my adventure dreams all in one trip! I would love to go on another trip when I get a chance. I have memories that I will never forget.
Halle Berger, Weston, Florida

The trip itself was outstanding. Jack had a wonderful time and said great things about his trip director. The language classes were good, as was the food and the accommodations. He thoroughly enjoyed EVERY aspect of the trip.
Anthony Camoratto, Moorestown, New Jersey

This trip was just so much fun. The staff always had such a good attitude, they were really safe and fun. In just 2 weeks you experience so much of Costa Rica. The Spanish, the service, and adventures; it’s the best of 3 worlds!
Lauren Hartman, Scarsdale, New York

This summer was awesome. I did not expect language classes to be so much fun – the games helped me memorize so much more Spanish. This program has really changed me and I am so grateful for the opportunity. You really cannot go home unchanged by this. We bonded more as a family than we did as a group. I am going to miss everyone and I couldn’t have asked for a better director or leader.
Aria Johnston, Potomac, Maryland

I was surprised by how much I actually loved all the teachers and classes, I learned so much and it will help me in many years to come. I met so many cool people and practiced so much Spanish, I can’t wait to tell my friends all about this trip and show off my new language abilities!
Caneel Dixon, Tampa, Florida

thumb_img_0352_1024This trip was fantastic. I met many people and made lots of friends. My Spanish improved a lot. My favorite service project was the nursing home, and I loved riding the dune-buggies. Normally I forget Spanish over the summer but this summer I learned new vocabulary and practiced grammar. I feel like I’m more independent now and as if I can make a difference in people’s lives. It was the trip of a lifetime.
Zachary Krooks, Chappaqua, New York

Monte really enjoyed the program and his Spanish improved. He loved Machu Picchu and the Amazon Jungle. He had a great time and made a lot of new friends. In fact, I took him to NYC a few weeks ago and six of his fellow travelers in the surrounding area met up and spent the afternoon together. I’d be happy to recommend this program to anyone. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover you when he was younger.
Bruce Krohn, Alameda, California

I had the best summer of my life. I learned a lot about myself and improved my Spanish speaking. I learned to not take things for granted and to appreciate the important things in life such as family and friends. My director Kara was very kind and passionate about helping us to improve our Spanish.
Erica Simon, Boca Raton, Florida

This was our 4th experience with Westcoast Connection and once again, it was fabulous on every level. Each trip has been different and yet extremely well supervised, organized and enlightening. Well done!
Carol Nussbaum, Short Hills, New Jersey

Pre-College Enrichment

pce-classroom-ber_5329_editThis was by far Brendan’s best experience! He loved the city, the experience, the group, the staff, even the food! His roommate was a great match, the dorm was amazing, and the planned activities were well thought out and fun.
Paula & Jeffrey Lynn, West Bloomfield, Michigan

This program taught me a lot, and I loved it. I learned so much about photography, took some amazing pictures; and in Psychology, learned a lot about how the brain works and how people think and interact. It really helped me follow my passions and learn about myself.
Maximilian Baumann, Miami Beach, Florida

I loved getting to meet interesting and friendly people. The program was thoughtfully crafted with every detail attended to, while still leaving room for a lot of student choice and requests. I had an amazing time and would highly recommend it.
Gershon Stein, Chicago, Illinois

WCC runs excellent programs. The activities are varied and fun, like bike rides, comedy show, jazz festival. Brandon made amazing friends from so many different countries that he keeps in touch with regularly. Brandon loved many things about the program: Montreal, kids (he made great friends from around the world), and his Business Entrepreneurship class (great professor and field trips to Montreal start-up companies).
Ellen & Jonathan Silver, Mamaroneck, New York

My WCC Pre-College Enrichment program was a fantastic experience that allowed me to fully experience Italian culture.
John Desantis, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Siena felt like she learned a great deal, improved her language skills and made terrific friends. Look forward to sending our younger daughter with you in a few years!
Taunya & Adam Mizel, Santa Monica, California

Tessa had a wonderful experience. She really got to explore Florence and thanks to that has truly fallen in love with the city. She enjoyed the excursions but really loved the trip to the Amalfi Coast (I mean, who wouldn’t?).
Nycci & David Nellis, Kensington, Maryland

pce-classroom-dscn0452This program was a great experience for me to meet new people, learn new things, and try new activities. I had a lot of fun, and the staff was helpful and understanding. I really enjoyed the college campus and town next to it.
Max Chu, Brooklyn, New York

WCC really did well on the academic aspect of the program. The courses were well chosen. Making friends from all over the world was an unforgettable experience. The relationships built between the staff and the students became a key element to the enjoyment of the program.
Anais Guille, Paris, France

It was a life-changing experience. I loved having a routine and acting as if we lived in a city in Europe. I made unforgettable memories and friends.
Tali Faerman, Plantation, Florida

Jillian loved the program. She made some fabulous friendships and loved hearing from the guest speakers in Sports Management. She really enjoyed Cooking as well and sent us pictures every day of what they made and now wants a pasta maker for us to have at home to make our own pasta.
Caryn & Cory Davis, Alpharetta, Georgia

Abby made amazing friends this summer as well as from her program last summer. She was signed up originally for two weeks at UCLA and was so happy and not ready to come home that she extended another week. She loved every minute of her time at UCLA. The Directors, counselors, leaders are fantastic. This is Abby’s second program and each one has exceeded her expectations.
Jodi & Geoff Quintiere, Pleasantville, New York

Anton really liked his two weeks in Montréal and on the McGill campus. Especially organized classes and activities that seemed to be fully scheduled and interesting. He especially liked connecting with his peers, which for us is the main element in choosing Westcoast.
Charlotte Peters & Tom Van Gyseghem, Singapore

Sam really enjoyed the Pre-College Enrichment California experience. It was structured, yet he had enough free time to hang with friends and socialize. He loved UCLA and the program.
Matt Baker, Delray Beach, Florida

This was an excellent program, I enjoyed all aspects of it. I made lots of new friends and being able to experience Montreal and McGill with them was amazing. As a rising junior, I found all of the college resources incredibly valuable. Seeing colleges with kids my age was a great opportunity.
Noah Lichstein, Chicago, Illinois

I feel that I am so much more knowledgeable about different cultures, and I cannot believe that this summer was a reality. I would come back in a heartbeat!
Skyla Park, La Canada, California

This program has made me more independent and confident that I will be able to thrive in a college setting. I loved exploring Florence and learning about a new culture. I made great friends, and the experience was amazing.
Samantha Rothman, Melville, New York

I had so much fun meeting new people, in my courses and loved getting to stay on campus! I learned a lot, had fun while doing so, and met so many kids that left such an impact on my life. It’s an amazing experience that I highly recommend!
Lauren Watsky, Farmington Hills, Michigan

I really liked all the staff, people, and experiences. Community service further allowed me to test my Spanish and form relationships that will last a lifetime.
Kaya Leitner, Westport, Connecticut

I made so many great amazing friends and the program really allowed us to be independent while making sure we were safe.
Victoria Loffredo, Wayne, New Jersey


On Pre-College Barcelona, I grew more confident in my verbal Spanish skills and my skills in photography grew as well. I also gained a great experience by coming to Spain.
James Gullett, Winchester, Virginia

My Psychology course was good because we learned the information in a way that wasn’t just a boring lecture. The surfing instructors taught us what we needed to learn and also gave us the freedom to then get to surf on our own.
Jack Riekena, Atlanta, Georgia

The Program Director and leaders were amazing. Sophie thought the cooking class was incredible and we have already enjoyed some of the recipes. She enjoyed the independence and the experience of living in Barcelona!
Courtenay & Ed Wallach, Bethesda, Maryland

Rachel really liked her College Prep course, especially the person who taught it, as she was very helpful and informative. Her staff made it a point to engage with the students and get to know them. She loved the program and it exceeded our expectations! She had a wonderful time, met some new friends and learned many new things.
Kristine & Jeffrey Miller, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

My teachers were amazing and we did so many things and went to such cool places in photography, we even got to shoot in our teacher’s studio. It was an amazing experience!!!! My psychology teacher was also amazing. Our Director was so so sweet!!!! One of the best Directors I’ve ever had, she made such an effort to have a personal connection with each and every student and was always understanding and patient.
Tessa Karikas, East Williston, New York

The campus was perfect, beautiful. The staff was funny and friendly. All the locations we visited were interesting and amazing. The whole program was well organized.
Federica Bosio, Brescia, Italy

Everything about this program was amazing. From my classes, I learned how to cook and take amazing photos. I also learned so much about the college application process and made so many friends along the way. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone.
Jonathan Choeff, Miami Beach, Florida

Wonderful summer experience. Very organized, great communication with parents and supervision with students. Staff, classes, trips, activities and accommodations were all great. Every aspect was very well planned. Jake had an amazing time with fun, educational and rewarding experiences.
Jami & Robert Scanlon, Savannah, Georgia

Global Adventures

I gained life experiences that I could not have achieved anywhere else and have helped shape who I am. The trip leaders and the trip itself made for the most unforgettable summer of my life.
Rebecca Clark, Avon, Connecticut

img_3108Ronen the director was extremely patient, hardworking and responsible. He’s the best. I really enjoyed traveling in such an authentic style. Backpacking Europe has taught me an endless amount of skills and responsibilities that I will be able to practice in future travels. The experiences I had this summer were only possible with the incredible Westcoast Connection group of leaders. Thanks for an outstanding summer experience!
Sophie Rosenblatt, Boulder, Colorado

This trip increased my confidence and desire to travel and learn different languages. The Staff was awesome and I had an amazing time!
Jordan Goodman, Monterey, California

This was one of my first trips going away. I did not expect to have so much fun and to meet so many different people. The program is a blast. My favorite place was Interlaken and Tignes and I loved the skiing and white water rafting. You meet people that you wouldn’t expect to meet. The staff is hilarious. They are so fun and joyous. I’ve seen the most beautiful places in the world.
Cindy Rahmanan, Great Neck, New York

I loved experiencing a different culture with a trustworthy and fun group!
Michael McGrew, Bethesda, Maryland

Backpacking is incredibly fun and enriching. The program was fantastic. The staff was intelligent, friendly, and prepared. The kids all had great attitudes and the sites were magnificent. I have gained the confidence to travel by myself now and am ready for future trips.
Michael Galka-Giaquinto, Brooklyn, New York

I learned a lot about the culture of Greece and about mythology and I made some incredible friends on this trip. They are all so amazing and I feel like I will stay in touch with them for a long time.
Carly Zomick, Deerfield, Illinois

You are able to experience things outside of your comfort zone. I learned how to travel around Europe using public transportation and gained many new friends. The activities are very exciting and the places to see are very interesting.
Megan Nathel, Woodbury, New York

Elizabeth very much enjoyed her time. She loved her group leaders and said they were wonderful. She had a fabulous time and made friends for life. She loved Italy and looks forward to going back someday.
Jean Ryan, Bedford, Massachusetts

Looking back on the first day of my trip, I now realize how truly incredible it is that complete strangers became some of my best friends. I’ve learned teamwork and the importance of being yourself to become close to others.
Jeremy Shapiro, Atlanta, Georgia

11403044_907827232611021_2383382003777148922_nWestcoast Connection was a fantastic experience and one I would recommend for anyone to do. It was a great way to make new friends, see amazing sites, and stay active during the summer. The staff is extremely friendly and very inspiring. I gained confidence in myself to be able to conquer any task given to me. This is a program all teenagers should do!
Molly Plotkin, Princeton Junction, New Jersey

New Zealand was awesome, well organized, fun activities, overall amazing. Blue duck was the best part of trip! I liked the rafting, luging, zorbing, skiing and I visited the absolute coolest most amazing places.
Noah Letofsky, Toronto, Ontario

This trip was amazing, and I met the most incredible people! It is the best thing that ever happened to me! I signed up by myself and was nervous at what to expect, this trip blew my expectations away! I met my best friend on this trip and a ton of amazing new friends that I will stay in touch with for many years to come! My favorite activities were the small things we did as a group that brought us closer. Thank you so much for the summer of a lifetime!
Morgan Wagner, Henderson, Nevada

This summer has honestly been the best of my life. Backpacking around Europe was incredible and it far exceeded my expectations.
Robby Attia, Mt. Kisco, New York

Before the trip started, I was a little nervous about traveling to another country with people that I have never met, but the staff and the other kids were so amazing. It was one of the best summers I have ever had. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to broaden their minds and make lifelong friends.
John Davis, Lancaster, Ohio

Shayna had a wonderful time. The trip incorporated just the right mix of “cultural” activities with adventure, downtime and fun. I was very impressed with the organization, the communications we received and the amount of Europe Shayna was able to experience. Shayna loved her trip leaders, and the kids all seemed like nice kids that all got along well. Bravo for a well planned and executed trip for 15/16 year olds!
Patti Goldberger, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coming alone I would have never expected to make as many friends as I did. Thank you so much for the two most incredible summers of my life. Europe changed my life and I now see the world differently than I ever have before.
Rachel Stauber, Melville, New York

Thank you for the amazing program you run! Alex went on Backpack Italy, knowing absolutely no one, and had no idea what was in store for him. Alex arrived home today, with 20 new wonderful friends, and visited cities and places that moved him deeply. He said the trip was truly magical and has forever changed his life for the better. It was hard for Alex to say goodbye to everyone on the trip; he will truly miss all the friends and staff. I am extremely impressed with your program and I would highly recommend it to all teens looking to broaden their summer experiences. Thank you for giving my son the “summer of his life”. We look forward to traveling with you again!
Lisa & Mark Rush, Highland Park, Illinois

Completing 11th & 12th Grades

on-tour-inspiration-1-img_0515-2My experience on the European Escapade was amazing.  It really exceeded my expectations.  The sights, activities, food, and friends made all contributed to a new and exciting adventure. Thank you so much!
Dillan Jacobson, Thornhill, Ontario

Annica had an absolutely wonderful trip. She was so sorry to see it end! There were so many unusual activities which made the trip unique and perfect for the age group. Along with all the wonderful locations, the leaders were terrific, and the camaraderie of the group made this a very special experience which will be remembered for a very long time.
Jane & Per Hellberg, Yorktown Heights, New York

I loved my director Sarah and all of the staff! The Backpack Europe trip was great. I truly enjoyed being able to experience Europe with this unique group of people. It allowed me to appreciate each sight and activity so much more.
Abby Fivel, Carmel, Indiana

I went on European Experience and loved everywhere we went, all the sights we saw, and meeting new people. The locations were mind-blowing. This would not have been made possible without the hard work and dedication of many people, including my Trip Director, Matt. He was really cool and easy to relate to, we got along really well. I am definitely going on another Westcoast Connection trip next summer.  Thank you for an amazing summer!
Lydia Rosmarin, North Caldwell, New Jersey

I loved the opportunity to see so many historic sights of Europe with a group of other teenagers. There was a great balance of sightseeing, beaches, and free time. Thanks for an amazing summer!
Allison Lavine, Weston, Massachusetts

Hayley came home from her trip and said “best trip ever!  I had the most fun I have ever had, learned so much, and met so many great people!  Thank you mom and dad for sending me on this trip!”  What wonderful words to hear from your daughter!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Aileen Weycer, Bellaire, Texas

Honestly the greatest summer. I’ve made so many amazing memories and everlasting friendships that I know I’ll cherish forever. This has been the trip of a lifetime, thanks to all the leaders, my director, and other trip members.  I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.
Danielle Mashal, Las Vegas, Nevada

Baseball Tours

mlm-baseball-featured-img_4970This was Brandon’s third year on Major League Madness and he loved it even more. He had a great time and thought the staff was great. He enjoyed every minute of the trip.
Linda Acca, New City, New York

Max LOVED the Major League Madness trip! It was just so perfect for him. Whoever thought of it, was a genius! What an experience for an avid baseball lover! The staff, the kids, the activities, the travels were all wonderful. Looking forward to next year!!!
Debbie Prince, North Caldwell, New Jersey

I got 65 autographs including All-stars, made new friends, and had a great overall experience! Loved the baseball trip!
Greg Ackerman, Roslyn, New York

Getting autographs and going to Fenway to see my favorite team was so much fun. All of the trip leaders were so nice and so much fun to hang out with.
Bobby Bailey, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Major League Madness was the best trip of my life, I love baseball!  The trip was perfect for me.  The staff was great and the food was great.  This experience changed my life and I also made a lot of new friends from all over the country.
Jesse Baren, Los Angeles, California

Best trip of my life. Great baseball tour to explore the country and its different cities and ballparks. My favorite place was Milwaukee because it was a lot of fun and a nice ballpark. I also enjoyed the DC pitching and tour.
Sam Ferbin, Melville, New Yorkalexmarkstoss1stpitch

My Trip Director was very calm and a pleasure to be around. I can’t count how many times my trip leaders made me laugh. The staff was fun and responsible. I made some great friends that I hope to keep in touch with, and I also got to watch and talk about a ton of baseball.
Jeremy Comer, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Being able to explore the town of Cooperstown and getting autographs and used baseballs from the game was one of my favorite things. It was great meeting Lou Piniella, Denny McClain and Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar!
Dylan Bernstein, Roslyn, New York

Major League Madness is an experience of a lifetime. My favorite stadium was AT&T Park. I loved this trip!
Marc Dori, Hewlett, New York

Andrew had an absolutely amazing time on the Major League Madness trip this summer.  It was his first time away from home and he loved it.  He liked his leaders very much, loved every minute of it and made terrific friends along the way.  Thank you for all your help and advice as we prepared for the trip.
Perri Stopera, Briarcliff Manor, New York

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