Our 36th Summer Providing Outstanding Programs for Teens

Repeat Travelers Say It Best!

With so many exciting destinations to explore and travel programs to experience, teens who have traveled with us before are often eager to do it all over again! Repeat travelers come back knowing they’ll get to try new things and make lifelong friendships. If you didn’t think you could top your first travel experience with us, think again! Find out what repeat travelers had to say about their second, third, and fourth trips with us:

Thank you Westcoast Connection and your incredible staff for another amazing summer for Max! Each trip he has taken has been unique unto itself… Major League Madness baseball, Northwestern Odyssey, Ecuador & the Galapagos community service and now Spain Language. He has grown and taken away so much from each trip. His trip this year has given him more independence, exposed him to world culture, especially the arts, expanded his culinary appetite and of course improved his Spanish. Each trip he takes, he makes more lifelong friends and treasured memories.
Debbie Prince, North Caldwell, New Jersey

I have been with Westcoast Connection for four years and it has made my years so amazing. I can’t imagine what my life and my summers would be like otherwise. Thanks for all the amazing memories Westcoast!
Vanessa Wong, Shanghai, China

This was Jordan’s second trip on Westcoast Connection. He wasn’t sure how it would measure up since he loved his last trip. And once again, Jordan had an amazing experience. He loved New Zealand & Australia. The itinerary was great. He loved all the adventurous activities they had planned. He really enjoyed the friends he made and the trip leaders were fantastic. He has wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for another terrific summer.
Kim & Steve Schoenburg, Encino, California 

Noa had the most amazing experience. If possible, this trip surpassed her two previous summers with Westcoast Connection on the Northwestern Odyssey and Backpack Italy, France and Switzerland. The kids were friendly and fun to be with. They came together as a group quickly and easily and the tears at the airport were proof of a wonderful holiday. The on-site staff was superior and the trip locations were enjoyable. She absolutely loved, loved Croatia and Lake Bled. Thank you so much to all who made this such a wonderful trip.
Hilary & James Garfein, Rye Brook, New York

I didn’t think it was possible to surpass last year in terms of an amazing trip, but you did. Jared had the time of his life. Between bonding with the staff and having a blast with the other boys he really enjoyed himself. He also loved all the activities. It was just all around an unbelievable experience for him. Thank you once again for giving our kids such wonderful memories.
Hayley Goodman, Toronto, Ontario

I had a blast on my Pre-College Enrichment program because I spent it with some of the best people. I walked in as a solo and came out with some incredible friends. This was my second year with Westcoast Connection and it keeps getting better.
Carly Shoneman, Yardley, Pennsylvania

This was our fourth experience with Westcoast Connection and once again, it was fabulous on every level. Each trip has been different and yet extremely well supervised, organized and enlightening. Well done!
Carol Nussbaum, Short Hills, New Jersey

This was Ben’s third trip with Westcoast Connection – we highly recommend it.
Barbara & Richard Greenspan, Westport, Connecticut

Another great experience. This is our fifth straight year and every year has been fantastic! Our kids have also gone on five different trips and they have each been fantastic.
Sherri & Andrew Cohen, Reisterstown, Maryland

This was Macie’s third summer with Westcoast Connection. This was the experience of a lifetime for her. She made so many new friends whom she has kept in touch with. Each country that was visited was more magical than the last. Slovenia was her favorite country!! This trip sealed in her love for travel. She loved her Director. She was in awe of his life experiences and the zest he had for life and travel. 100% without reservation I recommend this trip. I would love to take it myself.
Jacqui & Scott Wasserberger, Scarsdale, New York

Alex had a fantastic time. Best of the three trips he’s done with Westcoast Connection. He says it’s all about the people and this was the best group yet. He loves your trips! Always makes lasting friendships. Thanks again!
Leslie Jacobson, Boca Raton, Florida

Last year after Carly’s third trip with your organization she said it was by far the best one.  She loved the group, she thought all of the places they went were great, a great mix of kids, and the places she stayed were great.  She was crying when she had to come home!   So now after Carly’s fourth trip with Westcoast Connection, she says this is her favorite.  The office was amazing!  So sad she has “graduated” from being a Westcoast Connection traveler!!
Julie Zomick, Deerfield, Illinois

This is the fifth trip my family has taken – we love you and feel comfortable sending our children on your trips.  The photo’s and blogs were great and they kept coming until the very end!
Barbara & Jeffrey Scheine, Pleasantville, New York

This was my third Westcoast Connection trip and each time they surpass my expectations with unforgettable experiences. I have made lifelong friends, been to the most beautiful and extravagant places in the world, and have become more cultured.
Noah Blum, Aventura, Florida

This was my fourth Westcoast Connection trip and it was the best ever!
Daniel Barnett, West Harrison, New York

Wonderful trip. The itinerary was fantastic! Brynn made new, meaningful friendships and bonded deeper with her friends from her last trip. Staff were involved and dedicated to the kids, which made them very approachable. Brynn grew so much from this experience. She LOVED the volunteering aspect, being able to give back and to use her Spanish. INCREDIBLE trip! A must do!!! Thank you to everyone at Westcoast Connection!!! Another amazing trip!\
Karen Gwartzman, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Last year after Ben’s third summer with you we wrote: Another year, another amazing journey and he can’t decide which trip was his favorite!  The activities were well organized, entertaining, and many were once in a lifetime experiences. Ben felt the staff was approachable and fun, and he enjoyed spending time with them.  He thought Rob was a fantastic trip director and said he had a great sense of humor and was an “all around great guy”!  Now after his fourth summer on a Westcoast Connection adventure he said it was the perfect combination of fascinating historical sites, thrilling adventure activities, and relaxing picturesque beaches. His director Marissa was great – very knowledgeable, approachable and funny.  Great times, great people, and a summer he’ll never forget!
Sharon Leff, Livingston, New Jersey

The best people go on these amazing Westcoast Connection trips. All the staff is fabulous and the trips are so great. I absolutely love it. As a returning Westcoast Connection trip member, I had high expectations that were exceeded on my second trip. All the activities were great and I really loved the bonding time at the campgrounds. The people you meet are my favorite part of the trip. The places we saw were amazing and the friends are for life. I can’t wait for another trip next summer! I absolutely love it!
Rosie Feinbloom, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

I’ve been on three trips with Westcoast Connection and each one keeps getting better! It is such a rewarding experience and you get to spend the trip with amazing friends. Everyone is so friendly, including the staff, they are so fun to be around.
Samantha Davilman, Larchmont, New York

This is Danielle’s third trip with Westcoast Connection and she had a fabulous time and wished the trip was longer!
Roberta Seedman, Highland Park, Illinois

As this was my third Westcoast Connection program, I understand how much planning and work goes into these trips to make them meet and exceed everybody’s expectations. Thanks for another amazing summer!
Jeffrey Rosen, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Jake has had an amazing time on all three of his trips. He has made some lifelong friends. He really had a wonderful summer and thought his Director Sara was amazing.
Edan Segal, Riverdale, New York

From the very first phone call inquiring about the trip to the pick up on the final day, the experience has been wonderful. The office provided great support and communication prior to the trip and offered flexibility in arrangements when needed. The Trip Director and supporting staff were friendly, kind, provided excellent leadership to the group and showed Zachary an exceptional summer in which a lifetime of memories were made! And now, for the second year in a row, you have provided an amazing travel experience for Zachary. He had a wonderful time and is already talking about a third trip for next summer. Thank you!!
Alyson & Alan Charnas, Orange Village, Ohio

Last summer, on the Backpack France, Switzerland, Italy trip I enjoyed great new experiences that I will always cherish and made new friends I hope to keep for years to come. I loved waking up early to buy fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and focaccia! This year I chose Backpack Australia and New Zealand and would return in a heartbeat. New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have ever seen.
Jason Christal, Rye Brook, New York

Similar to last year, the experience was amazing for David. I’m looking forward to offering a similar experience to my daughter!
Joy Saiontz, Owing Mills, Maryland

THANK YOU! Haley is crying to me that I just “do not understand what a great time she had! I just do not understand that this was the best time of her life! I just don’t understand how she wants to be with her friends! I just don’t understand that there will never be a trip like this again!!”  Well this year was another fantastic summer!! Haley had the best time and made fabulous friends and LOVED Marissa her guide!! Last year she said that she had the most amazing summer and it could not be repeated, but it was. A totally different experience but just the same feelings! An overall perfect summer, she did not want to leave! Life long memories and friendships were made! Thank you again for a fabulous trip.
Lisa Meltzer, Parkland, Florida

My trip to Europe was a lot of fun. After doing the Californian Extravaganza last year, I didn’t think this summer could be any better, but this trip was fantastic!
Jonathan Conte, Armonk, New York

Having been on a Westcoast Connection trip last year, I already had an idea of what my experience would look like, and this trip never failed to meet my expectations. From the tours to the activities to the people, everything was great. I am so very upset to be leaving everyone. Thank you Westcoast Connection for another amazing summer I’ll never forget.
Morgan Recker, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

This program was great. I made a lot of friends and the staff was terrific. I learned to try new things and had an all around great summer. Thanks for a fourth fun, enriching summer!
Brandon Acca, New City, New York

This being my second Westcoast Connection trip, I expected it to be, more or less, the same as the first. I loved my previous summer’s adventure, and thought that nothing could beat it. However, not only were the activities and locations more exotic in Ecuador, but I also learned more about myself than I thought possible. I can say without hesitation or doubt that this was the best summer of my life, until my next Westcoast Connection trip!
Grant Besner, Davie, Florida

Fantastic! This was Lexi’s second summer touring with Westcoast Connection, first in Costa Rica than on the California & the Canyons… and she will absolutely be back next summer. She has made amazing friends on both adventures, and her Director JP was outstanding. Thank you so much for everything.
Dayna & Jason Clawans, Short Hills, New Jersey

This is Sydney’s second trip with your organization.  She had the best trip we could have imagined. She was positive from the first day to the last. She tried many different activities that were out of her comfort zone, and made friends that she is really excited about keeping in touch with.  We were very happy with every aspect of the trip.
Carol Visser, McKinleyville, California

After traveling with Westcoast Connection multiple times, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company or the trips I’ve done. Besides the amazing culture and places you get to see, after a few days together you’ve already met amazing friends who you know you’ll keep in touch with. I still talk to some people from my first trip four years ago! After four summers, I can’t even picture how next summer will be because nothing even compares to the amazing memories and friendships I’ve made on my programs.
Lexi Ferber, Woodbury, New York

This was my second summer with Westcoast Connection and I have to say it just gets better and better!
Joshua Hsu, Taipei, Taiwan

Everyone that does this trip will grow as an individual while having the time of their life. I have done two trips with Westcoast Connection, both completely different from each other, and on both trips I had the time of my life and couldn’t ask for anything better. During this trip I discovered things about myself and others that I would have never known and grew as an individual. I highly recommend this trip to everyone who wants to have the best summer of their life. Westcoast Connection is the best travel organization I have been on.
Gail Cohen, Reisterstown, Maryland

This was the fourth Westcoast Connection trip between our three daughters and each has been just terrific. The girls have had so much nonstop fun and (equally important) we have always felt that Westcoast has always kept them safe and sound. As with every year… all of our questions were answered promptly and with a smile. Your company’s organization and delivery of important trip material was timely and complete. Your office staff and leaders are the best!!! It has as always been the perfect balance of safety and organization for us and outstanding and fun and friendship for them… for that, we thank you!
Claudia & Sam Fenner, Dix Hills, New York

As this was my second Westcoast Connection trip, I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my first one. I’m so glad to say that Hawaii has blown all of my expectations. I have made amazing new friends, had the best of staff, and experienced some of the coolest Hawaiian treasures that I wouldn’t have had without Westcoast Connection. Each day was an adventure, whether it was the Boys & Girls Club or swimming in a waterfall, and no matter what we always had fun.
Iliana Blasdell, Hinsdale, Illinois