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Hawaiian Spirit - 20 days 19
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Hawaiian Spirit
20 Days
TRAVELactive teen tours
Dates Grades 7 & 8
June 30 - July 19Limited
Grade 9
June 30 - July 19Waitlisted
Grades 9 & 10
June 27 - July 16Waitlisted
Grades 10 & 11
June 27 - July 16Waitlisted
Current Grade7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
Price (USD) $9,699
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Hawaii Teen Tour

Call us biased, but this very well may be the best Hawaiian Island program for teenagers. This Hawaii teen tour visits the islands of Maui, the Big Island, and Oahu where you can surf, snorkel and explore this lush, tropical paradise. Continue by jetting to Portland to start nine days in the Pacific Northwest to see everything from the natural beauty of Seattle and the vast sand dunes on the Oregon coast. This teen tour is led by our amazing staff who create a fun, inclusive, family-like group. The combination of amazing sights, activities, and people on this program all add up to an incredible summer of a lifetime!

Teens on this program participate in the first 20 days of the longer 27-day Hawaii & Alaska program.

About This Program

  • What It's Like

    An adrenaline-filled trip with the coolest activities, picture-perfect landmarks and a close group bond.

  • Accommodations

    Hotels and resorts.

  • Meals

    Includes breakfast and dinner daily.

  • Activities

    Includes all recreation & activities listed.

  • Transportation

    Chartered deluxe motor coach with a professional driver, plus internal flights between Hawaiian Islands and to Portland.

  • Compatible Groupings

    Separate departure dates are assigned to create compatible co-ed age groups.

  • Group Size

    Varies from 28 to 48 participants.








Hawaiian Spirit - 20 days 19

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