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Become a Program Leader

Program Leaders serve as the backbone of our programs. Their primary responsibility includes monitor the safety (physical and social), well-being and enjoyment of all participants every step of the way. This includes but is not limited to: daily wake-ups, leading activities and programs, assisting with food prep, and managing situations as they arise. Leaders support the Program Director to provide a positive group experience.

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Program Leader – Qualifications & Requirements


  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Experience working with teenagers
  • 21 years of age or older for most positions
  • Summer camp experience (an asset)
  • Travel experience (an asset)


  • For summer 2022, we require all staff to be vaccinated prior to their program. See our Covid-19 protocols here.
  • Applicants must be available for the following mandatory in-person training days:
    • All Staff Precamp Training – June 3 to 5

Specialty Roles:

All Program Leaders are assigned additional specialty roles prior to their departure. The different roles include: healthcare manager, food director, photographer, programmer, sports coordinator, etc.
Additional compensation is offered to staff fulfilling the Lifeguard role. The lifeguard is responsible for monitoring all water activities. Applicants for this role must hold a valid lifeguard certification (through August of the current year). We provide financial assistance for recertification.

Internship opportunity: We are open to fulfilling internship requirements as needed. Contact us to inquire further about this possibility.

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Staff Testimonials

As a Program Leader, each year has been a unique and unforgettable experience. Thanks to Westcoast, I have met so many different people, including staff, teens, and locals, who all share different stories. I have been given the chance to not only discover parts of the world but to reciprocate feelings of inspiration and positivity that are produced by these programs. Westcoast honestly created opportunities that helped me grow as a person and I took them by simply putting my best foot forward and by getting to know each person encountered. Each program I’ve done has been the best time ever, and I would recommend any program, whether it’s a discovery, adventure, community service, or pre-college program to anybody!!!! Much love to my Westcoast family and to everyone I’ve met throughout my experiences in this great organization!
Joaquín M.

Literally the best job in the world! I can’t thank Westcoast Connection enough for the experiences I’ve had doing this “job”. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different destinations and participate in great activities. The participants are fun to be with and the overall experience is nothing but positive!
Ryan L.

Each time I gush about my experiences with Westcoast Connection, I get a similar response, “You get paid to travel, doesn’t the job sort of sell itself?!” I respond the same way each time, “You’re mistaken, this job is SO much more than that.” Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the travel opportunities I am allowed by working with the company. However, what makes WCC so special is how much it allows both program leaders and participants to grow as people. I have grown to be more culturally sensitive and accepting of people, while learning to be a more generous, selfless and caring person. Working with such first class co-staff has pushed me to be the best possible program leader and person I can possibly be. Interacting and learning from such remarkable people has taught me invaluable skills I will take with me through all of my future endeavors. I can’t stress enough how amazing the company (and its programs) are. I dread the day that I am no longer able to lead trips with Westcoast Connection. Thank you so much for everything!
Brittany G.

Being a Program Leader is one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. Travelling with a group is an incredible experience where you learn so much about the world, yourself and everyone around you. It’s very meaningful to be trusted with the responsibility of guiding teenagers on this unforgettable journey of discovery.
Delaney O.

I just finished my 6th year of teaching high school, and nothing I have experienced in those 6 years compares to what I experienced in 3 weeks of Pre-College Enrichment Montreal. There is something special about watching students learn for the purpose of learning and not for earning an A. Students were engaged in learning, excited to attend class, and eager to complete and present homework. They took charge and had reason behind the courses they selected. Having the opportunity to witness this first hand and get to know this amazing group of teens was a refreshing and heartwarming change from just teaching them math!
Staci G.

Being a Program Director on a WCC program can be summed up in the following sentence: a meaningful and inspiring summer adventure filled with a lifetime of memories. As a teacher with my summers off, there is no other job that is as fun or meaningful, for both myself and the teens I work with. Westcoast gives you the ability to staff incredible programs to amazing places around the world, and build lifelong friendships and relationships along the way. The places you will see and the memories you will make are worth every second!
Lauren G.

It’s extremely difficult to put into words how much I love being a staff on Westcoast! Being given the opportunity to be a mentor to 40+ teens each summer and seeing their growth throughout the program all while visiting incredible places and completing amazing itineraries is something I look forward to each year!
Marc C.

I originally applied to Westcoast Connection thinking it would be a one time thing. Five programs, three different roles, and 12 years later, there aren’t enough words to describe how much WCC has meant to me. I feel so lucky to get to come back and work with awesome people, meet, mentor, and laugh with incredible kids, and see some pretty cool places with a bunch of teens in tow. WCC allows me to bring my full self to work everyday and they support me, challenge me, and most importantly, make me feel a part of the family. The best part is that I am not even unique. Most staff come back year after year. We see each other out on the road or at training weekends, and it’s a true testament to the type of company WCC is. The westcoast connection is real!
Sam T.

As cliché as it may sound, leading a service program this summer was an experience I’ll never forget. We all found ourselves in a foreign country with its own culture, language, and customs, and yet we built ourselves a temporary family in Costa Rica. I couldn’t believe how lovely the other WCC staff were, and I could tell that the participants left the program with new perspectives and ideas for a better future. In the long run, spending a few weeks doing community service in another country might not seem that consequential. However, it was. Aside from the amazing projects we worked on and activities we did, we also learned from each other and the people we worked with in ways that I think impacted us for life!
Selma H.

Being a program leader on a WCC program is the only way I would want to spend my summer. It is sensational seeing how much the participants learn and how far they come from the beginning of the program. Getting the chance to encourage campers to push beyond their comfort zone on a Global Adventure program is as fulfilling as it is fun at the same time.
Michelle A.

Each summer I go into working for WCC saying that it’s impossible for it to be better, and each summer my expectations are exceeded and my life is changed for the better! I not only feel as if I have the opportunity to be myself while making an impact on participants, but I learn more from them than I could ever imagine. It’s so rewarding to see participants and staff start off as strangers, and quickly become one big family! Truly the best job in the world!
Amy P.