Outstanding Leaders

Great leadership is essential to each and every one of our programs, and our Trip Directors and Trip Leaders are a talented bunch! They’ve got a knack for building dynamic groups and creating a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll meet teachers, educators, and former camp counselors who double as travel experts, ski instructors, flash mob choreographers, and so much more!

See what previous participants and their parents had to say about their outstanding experiences with our trip leaders:

Keanne was without a doubt the best Director I have ever had – she is a great asset to the company and surpassed ALL expectations I had prior to the trip. All the staff was amazing and I felt I could connect to every single one of them.
Dylan Campbell, Medina, Texas

Our Director Charlsie was very kind, positive and down to earth.
Scott Carlson, New York, New York

My Director Jana was an excellent leader and knows how to work well with teenagers. My staff Ryan was unbelievable – fun and a hard worker.
Lily Raynes, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

From the very first phone call inquiring about the trip to the pick up on the final day, the experience has been wonderful. The office provided great support and communication prior to the trip and offered flexibility in arrangements when needed. The Trip Director and supporting staff were friendly, kind, provided excellent leadership to the group and showed Zachary an exceptional summer in which a lifetime of memories were made! Thanks for an amazing summer!
Alyson & Alan Charnas, Orange Village, Ohio

Westcoast Connection did an excellent job with choosing leaders. I truly liked every staff member and felt comfortable going to any of them for anything.
Sydney Gerbel, Winnetka, Illinois

We were impressed with the group activities the Director Trevor and the other staff members planned and built in to the trip such as the team competition, games, and scavenger hunts that seemed to add a lot of fun and camaraderie. Jake told us that Trevor did a terrific job. It was also great to hear about how well organized the staff were. Jake clearly understood each staff member’s responsibilities and who to go to for what. It takes special people to take on the staff jobs with so much responsibility. Trevor, Susan and Karlee deserve a lot of recognition for ALL of their efforts and very hard work! Their efforts were very much appreciated by Jake (and therefore us).
Randi Goldmann & Martin Forman, Scarsdale, New York

The staff on the On Tour European Experience was great, nice and smart. My Director Adam was outstanding, both organized and fun.
Gabriel Jacobson, Thornhill, Ontario

My Trip Leaders Vinny and Kathleen were really helpful and fun to have around, and I had amazing experiences with them. I would do another Westcoast trip just to hang out with them.
Keilah Fussman, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Holly was a great Director. She was always checking on me and being kind. Ashley was my favorite Trip Leader. She was always there to help me be a good person and make friends. If I didn’t come on this trip I would have never met my two best friends, and I am so thankful.
Ali Marrin, Wellington, Florida

I had the BEST time and loved everything! The staff was all excellent. Trip Leader Emily was the most amazing girl, she is like a friend to me. Trip Leader Noah was so funny and nice and Harrison is the funniest person. I loved all the staff so much.
Mia Mishori, Herzeliya Pituach, Israel

Jamie was an amazing Director. He was always extremely positive, outgoing, and so funny. He taught all of us great life lessons such as accepting everyone for who they are, respect, and inclusion. All the staff did an amazing job at making this the best summer ever.
Jessica Azeff, Montreal, Quebec

The trip was fun. Andy is so awesome and really cares for us. He is nice and excellent and a great director. The rest of the staff was great too.
Hayden Menell, Boulder, Colorado

My leader John made a difference in my life. He is a great man. All the staff deserved raises!
Jacob Aronson, New York, New York

Meeting new people, traveling and learning was a once in a lifetime experience I would definitely do again. My Director Natasha was AWESOME. All the staff was excellent, you could tell Maddie anything, Alison was really fun & outgoing, Lucas was motivational and Hogan was very cool.
Sylvia Probst, Riverside Connecticut

Our staff was amazing and was constantly interacting with us as friends while also setting boundaries. My Director Jordi is amazing, enthusiastic, outgoing and caring. I would not trade our leaders for anyone else; they filled the trip with excitement and fun.
Nicholas Danduone, Rockaway, New Jersey

Participating in this program changed me because I have learned to see the good in all people. My Director Kara was extremely hospitable and responsible. All the staff was really fantastic, accommodating and good at making everyone feel comfortable.
Claire Collins, Charlotte, North Carolina

My staff Jason and Kevin were excellent role models who acted like brothers I’ve never had.
Julia Horowitz, Toronto, Ontario

All my staff was super nice and considerate about our needs and safety. My Director, Nick was super funny, and made the trip as enjoyable as possible. My leader Brianna was very funny and motherly. My leader Leslie was really funny, fun, and makes connections and friendships as well as keeping us safe and making it all enjoyable. This was a fun trip with awesome activities. I’ve made lots of friends!
Rylee German, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The trip was a great experience and very fun. My Director Boh was funny but knows when to be serious; our leader Tamar is so fun to be around and Lindsey is so nice and fun to talk to.
Lucy Taylor, New York, New York

My leader Gena was the most responsible, nice, amazing, smart person ever. I love her and hope she is the first female president. On a cultural level, Thailand has taught me a whole new perspective. The Elephant Foundation project enriched me in ways that are inexpressible and the service provided insight to the lives of Thai children. Westcoast Connection has showed me that although Thailand may seem like a world away, there are still things we can do to help.
Lola Flomen, Westmount, Quebec

Allison had a wonderful trip! Her Director Jen was fabulous – extremely knowledgeable and just right in terms of dealing with this age group.
Jan Alder, Mountainview, California

All the staff was excellent! Jordanna, my Director, was always positive and the leaders were friendly and awesome.
Ben Greenspan, Westport, Connecticut

This trip was wonderful for Chloe! She had an amazing time, made new friends, loved all of the activities and now wants to surf!!! It is very important for kids this age to go outside their comfort zone and come back feeling like they mastered this experience. The Director Lindsay is a responsible and wonderful young woman. I felt that Chloe was in good hands. I would recommend cloning Lindsay!
Jane Citron, Rye Brook, New York

This was the best three weeks of my life! Sara was a perfect Trip Director and the staff was so nice, trustworthy, funny and kind.
Megan Cahalin, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This was the trip of a lifetime for Ben. He cannot stop talking about it and the friends that he made. What a cohesive group it turned out to be! Many thanks to the leader Dave for not only supervising and making sure everyone was safe and happy, but also for being a fun guy that the kids wanted to be around. Just the kind of person I hoped we were leaving our son with.
Allyson Crystal, Watchung, New Jersey

Our staff was amazing and made the trip for me. They helped run the trip smoothly and connected with us very well. Beryl was a very, very good Director. My leader Nathan was the man, he was an amazing counselor in every way. It’s a great program with amazing staff.
Logan Friedman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Everything was excellent. Renee perfectly organized everything. She is warm and welcoming and we could relate to her. She made everything an adventure. My leaders were excellent because they cared for everyone perfectly and had a special relationship with all of the kids. Keep hiring people like these. Westcoast Connection you are doing everything right.
Rebekah Berger, Jericho, New York

We are so happy that we were able to provide Stefanie with the opportunity to go on your trip. We couldn’t have asked for a better director! The professionalism that you and your staff provided was exceptional. The communication was perfect! We really couldn’t have asked for a better experience for both Stefanie and our family! Thank you for such a wonderful job!
Kristine & James Stoller, Sharon, Massachusetts

Adam is an adventurous and responsible Director! My leader Mai is an AMAZING PERSON, she should be promoted. She was there for us all 24/7!
Chloe Coleman, West Palm Beach, Florida 

Lindsay’s counselors and staff were so nurturing and caring and helpful. She bonded with her amazing counselors and rest of the campers. A wonderful program that I would recommend to everyone!
Aileen Weycer, Bellaire, Texas

This was a really, really amazing trip. I made some lasting friends and the staff was so fun, relatable, and responsible. My Director Joelle was always helpful & made sure we had fun. It felt like she really made the trip special. I really gained an appreciation for the service we did and I will never forget the activities.
Michaela Norman, New York, New York

Thank you for all your hard work. The director Chelsea was wonderful. Jamie loved her experience and misses Costa Rica.
Bonnie Baer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have learned the importance of friendship and how other cultures live. My Director Danny and my leaders were sweet, fun to be around, funny and caring.
Jessica Rosenberg, Highland Park, Illinois

The staff made the trip run so smoothly, and really made this experience so incredible. They were all excellent.
Alexis Komatsu, Livingston, New Jersey

The staff was excellent! They were very caring, genuine, and compassionate and we could go to them about anything.
Julianna Marovitch, Montreal, Quebec

It was a great opportunity that I was thankful to experience. I’ve gained a lot of perspective! The staff was all excellent and amazing and I LOVE them!
Avery Hostig, Parkland, Florida

Adam had an incredible experience and the Westcoast Connection personnel with whom I communicated (including the group leaders) were professional and organized. They seemed to have everything covered before and during the trip.
Jocelyn Hurwitz , Woodbridge, Connecticut

Pierce had an amazing time and the director Anna was great! Well worth coming over from Belgium!
Linda Polak, Antwerp, Belgium

My Director Justin was amazing; not only did he keep the group organized and controlled, but he made the trip enjoyable and amazing. The staff not only kept us safe but they went above and beyond to make sure my trip was the best summer of my life. This trip has left me with everlasting friendships and unforgettable memories. The places we saw, the kids I met, and the bonds we formed are like no other.
David Jaslow, Roslyn, New York

Gavin was an amazing Director. He really knows how to relate to teens in a respectful and humorous manner. Lauren really appreciated his flexibility and willingness to listen to any concerns. He and the other leaders helped make her trip so fun and successful! Thank you Gavin and leaders.
Robyn & Bill Rosenbauer, Potomac, Maryland

I had a great time. The staff was awesome and extremely helpful and the kids were kind and friendly. Jesse did a great job of keeping the balance of being director and a cool guy.
Jason Arkin, Sandy Springs, Georgia

Dave was a superb leader, he was an amazing person – there’s none better! I had a fantastic time with him, he was a ton of fun to be around and enriched the experience greatly.
Josh Weinick, Livingston, New Jersey

Catherine was the most amazing Trip Director I could have asked for. The staff was caring, funny, so much fun to be around, and very easy to get along with.
Samantha Popowcer, Parkland, Florida

I had an amazing summer and made great friends. I loved my Director Lindsey, she was so sweet and great. My leader Martin was the BEST PERSON ALIVE and was incredible, they made this trip a great experience. I didn’t want the summer to end! These memories will never go away.
Claudia Melka, Westmount, Quebec

This program is awesome. The leaders are really cool people who are clearly picked carefully. Westcoast Connection has knowledgeable, organized, polite staff. The locations are really good. They pick a lot of cute towns as well as the big cities. I’m so appreciative to be part of the Westcoast Connection family. Thank you for giving me another wonderful summer!
Lydia Rosmarin, North Caldwell, New Jersey

I met all of the leaders and kids from Emma’s trip. The leaders were so great and friendly and Emma has had an amazing summer! Another great trip!
Lisa Altman, Paradise Valley, Arizona