Outstanding Leaders

Great leadership is essential to each and every one of our programs, and our Directors and Leaders are a talented bunch! They’ve got a knack for building dynamic groups and creating a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll meet teachers, educators, and former camp counselors who double as travel experts, professional photographers, exercise enthusiasts, community volunteers and so much more!

See what previous participants and their parents had to say about their outstanding experiences with our staff:

I was so lucky to have Kurt as our Director. He is amazing and one of the best people I have ever met. If I could rate him as a Director I would give him a 20 out of 10!
Alex Prusky, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for giving Shea an experience of a lifetime on his trip to Italy and Greece. Though he enjoyed the trip immensely, it was his Director Boh’s influence upon him that he talks about the most. For me, the gifts he gave him – guidance, friendship, encouragement, inspiration… are far more significant and impactful than anything else he could have experienced. Thank you for influencing Shea in such a positive way.
Sandy Gordon, Armonk, New York

This was our fourth trip with Westcoast Connection and it exceeded expectations again. Well-planned itinerary, great communication, what an adventure! What Sam talked about most was the staff! In practically every communication with Sam throughout the program, Sam told us how much he liked, respected, and appreciated all of the staff. I was impressed with the idea that not only did Sam think they were “fun” and “cool”, but it sounded like he engaged in meaningful conversation with them. It’s wonderful to have “fun” counselors and more important, ones that go to great lengths to insure safety and care of their “campers”, but to have ones that serve as role models/mentors/older siblings throughout the summer is a beautiful bonus. Thank you for another incredible trip!
Mindy & Mitchell Blum, Aventura, Florida

I can’t stress enough how amazed I was at our unbelievable staff! They continued to go above and beyond their jobs. They were serious when they had to be and our friends when we wanted friends. I really feel that without them the trip wouldn’t have been amazing as it was.
Rachel Zucker, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Sydney met good friends, saw amazing places, was very well cared for and learned new life skills from the counselors. This staff was exceptional. Here’s a quick list: outstanding communication, very accommodating, and made sure she was safe. Great summer Westcoast Connection! You get what you pay for. Thank you!
Mandy Rice, Beverly Hills, Michigan

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to the staff for everything they did to make the experience amazing and memorable. They could not have been nicer and more attentive to each and every camper.
Dean Orgler Moran, New York, New York

Ashley absolutely LOVED the program!! She thinks the world of Noah, the group leader. She thinks he is hilariously funny and very inclusive, and he made her feel very safe while traveling. We could not ask for more and have the highest level of confidence in him and the Program Directors. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Deborah & Aaron Danzig, Atlanta, Georgia

My staff was amazing, and I felt a personal connection to each one. They gave me a “WOW” summer. This summer has really been amazing.
Jordan Rice, Chicago, Illinois

The staff was 100% magnificent. Besides being great at their job they were all so nice and great friends. I really appreciated how much they cared. They were all perfect.
David Brisman, Bedford, New York

The Director Nick was amazing and made the trip that much better for Ethan. Ethan loved the sights and the whole experience of Spain, but he truly enjoyed meeting new friends and interacting with the group. We credit both his staff Nick and Alex with allowing the kids the freedom to be themselves in a safe, inclusive environment. Thanks for a great trip.
Dara & Daniel Jeck, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

My Director Cat rocks!! She does a great job of maintaining order and structure while simultaneously being a fabulous friend and role model. My leader Austin’s light-hearted character brings an aura of happiness to the trip and never fails to make the group laugh and smile. Sara is the best!!! She’s is the sweetest and such a good friend and trip leader. She is always on top of things and super organized. WCC did a great job of bringing the group together with ice breakers, random dinners and seats on the bus. Most of the trip members wanted to keep doing random staff dinners for the entire trip because they loved talking to new people and learning about their peers.
Hannah Gross, South Orange, New Jersey

The staff are really experienced and made extraordinary efforts to make connections with all of the kids and bring out the best in each person and activity. Our Director Kim is one of the nicest and most caring people I know. She always made sure everyone was happy and taken care of. She always made me laugh and put a smile on my face. All summer she trained me to be a future staff and has made me so excited to hopefully be a part of the Westcoast family once again in the future. Jon was such a caring and compassionate trip leader. He always made people laugh and help everyone make the trip the best it could be. Jon and I bonded in ways that made me smile and I’m so glad he was one of my leaders. Ty was really cool and made the trip so fun. He always had a smile on his face and cared about you. I’m so glad he was a part of this trip. Cortney was so much fun to be around and made my days on the trip so enjoyable. Being in her staff group made us closer and I’m so thankful to have her as a one of my trip leaders.
Elizabeth Eaton, Parkland, Florida

I had an amazing time and the staff changed my perspective on the world. They were some of the best people I’ve had the privilege to meet. They go out of their way to make sure we’re safe and happy. I’ll never forget them.
Jade Gray, Shanghai, China

My Director Jamie and his staff never ceased to amaze me. They always put in 110% effort and valued our needs, as trip members, way above their own.
Rikki Gassman, Albertson, New York

This trip was an amazing experience for Harleigh. The chaperones were kind, compassionate, responsible and fun. This trip was well put together and it was clear a lot of thought and preparation went into it. This was the experience of a lifetime for her.
Vicki & Daniel Goodman, Glenview, Illinois

Aaron was an amazing leader and friend. He made a serious impact on the trip. He consistently went above and beyond and is the best leader I have experienced in a group organized trip. Jim is amazingly funny and great to hang around. He has a presence that makes you happy to be around him. Our Director Jesse did an excellent job relating to us. He worked long and hard to make this trip packed with fun and interesting things.
Brandon Miller, Town of Mont Royal, Quebec

The staff was always friendly and helpful. The counselors on the trip were amazing. They were relaxed yet kept the kids in line. They were funny and seemed to truly enjoy the experience alongside the teens. While Drew saw and LOVED many sights everywhere they visited – the entire experience exceeded expectations because he really loved and respected his staff! The tour itself takes the kids on an amazing adventure and Drew loved the friends he met.
Sandy & Elliot Liss, Potomac, Maryland

Good time – AMAZING leaders, not only great leaders but phenomenal people.
Julian Girod, Los Angeles, California

Derek is an amazing Trip Director that I could not give higher recommendations for. He handled situations perfectly and was also just a funny and fun guy to be around. Kristin is the definition of an amazing trip leader. She can make teens feel comfortable around her and is also extremely mature and responsible, and has the respect of everyone on the trip. She would make us laugh, and created personal relationships with each student. I felt like I could go to her with any problems, big or small, and she would treat them seriously. Westcoast Connection did a really good job of bonding the group of kids, and making us feel safe and happy. I got extremely close with the kids on the trip. I also felt extremely safe, and had a really good time. I had the best summer of my life, and made friends and memories that I will have forever. Thank you Westcoast Connection for giving me this amazing experience!
Emma Patz, Needham, Massachusetts

Eden was beyond impressed with the staff on her trip. She has repeatedly mentioned how experienced each one of them was and how they were all instrumental in integrating all the kids and making the trip the success that it was.
Ingrid & Laurence Zimmer, Hampstead, Quebec

Our Director Liz was amazing. She made me feel safe at all times, and was very easy to talk to. Our leaders were so kindhearted, fun and easy going.
Kyla Kijanka, Cape Coral, Florida

I had the absolute best time ever and loved the staff so much. I have never met a nicer group of people in my life. The staff is absolutely amazing. They make everything so much fun, and are so involved in all of our activities. Seriously they are fantastic and I will seriously miss them so much! I will always cherish the thrilling memories I made with them.
Abby Liff, Nashville, Tennessee

Zach was the best Trip Director in the history of Trip Directors and I hope that he gets a raise because everything that he did for us was truly BEYOND. Next year I would like for him to be my Director again because he was one of the reasons why I had such a memorable and spectacular experience. There are so many things I have learned from Westcoast Connection and I can’t wait to spend next summer and every summer after that, continuing to travel the world, meeting new people, experiencing once in a lifetime moments, and having fun.
Julia Postell, Morristown, New Jersey

I’m quite pleased on how wonderful and inclusive the staff were. Whenever I needed assistance with anything, they immediately helped me and showed their utmost dedication to me and the rest of the trip members. Monica was an excellent Trip Director. Friendly, considerate, funny, and a wonderful human being.
Jake Kamin, Toronto, Ontario

Brilliant staff and people alike. Very welcoming and hard working. The summer of a lifetime!
Harry Gale, Milstead, England

Our staff Nick and Jess worked really well together and we can all tell they love working this program. They were so excited about all of the activities. Nick did a really great job keeping everything organized and working really well with everyone.
Rebecca Levenson, Palm Beach, Florida

My leaders were amazing, friendly and awesome. The staff made everyone feel amazingly close and super comfortable, like a family. I was always surrounded, happy or laughing.
Thea Riggio, Winnetka, Illinois

Keanne was without a doubt the best Director I have ever had – she is a great asset to the company and surpassed ALL expectations I had prior to the trip. All the staff was amazing and I felt I could connect to every single one of them.
Dylan Campbell, Medina, Texas

Our Director Charlsie was very kind, positive and down to earth.
Scott Carlson, New York, New York

My Director Jana was an excellent leader and knows how to work well with teenagers. My staff Ryan was unbelievable – fun and a hard worker.
Lily Raynes, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

From the very first phone call inquiring about the trip to the pick up on the final day, the experience has been wonderful. The office provided great support and communication prior to the trip and offered flexibility in arrangements when needed. The Trip Director and supporting staff were friendly, kind, provided excellent leadership to the group and showed Zachary an exceptional summer in which a lifetime of memories were made! Thanks for an amazing summer!
Alyson & Alan Charnas, Orange Village, Ohio

Westcoast Connection did an excellent job with choosing leaders. I truly liked every staff member and felt comfortable going to any of them for anything.
Sydney Gerbel, Winnetka, Illinois

We were impressed with the group activities the Director Trevor and the other staff members planned and built in to the trip such as the team competition, games, and scavenger hunts that seemed to add a lot of fun and camaraderie. Jake told us that Trevor did a terrific job. It was also great to hear about how well organized the staff were. Jake clearly understood each staff member’s responsibilities and who to go to for what. It takes special people to take on the staff jobs with so much responsibility. Trevor, Susan and Karlee deserve a lot of recognition for ALL of their efforts and very hard work! Their efforts were very much appreciated by Jake (and therefore us).
Randi Goldmann & Martin Forman, Scarsdale, New York

The staff on the On Tour European Experience was great, nice and smart. My Director Adam was outstanding, both organized and fun.
Gabriel Jacobson, Thornhill, Ontario

My Trip Leaders Vinny and Kathleen were really helpful and fun to have around, and I had amazing experiences with them. I would do another Westcoast trip just to hang out with them.
Keilah Fussman, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Holly was a great Director. She was always checking on me and being kind. Ashley was my favorite Trip Leader. She was always there to help me be a good person and make friends. If I didn’t come on this trip I would have never met my two best friends, and I am so thankful.
Alli Marrin, Wellington, Florida

I had the BEST time and loved everything! The staff was all excellent. Trip Leader Emily was the most amazing girl, she is like a friend to me. Trip Leader Noah was so funny and nice and Harrison is the funniest person. I loved all the staff so much.
Mia Mishori, Herzeliya Pituach, Israel

Jamie was an amazing Director. He was always extremely positive, outgoing, and so funny. He taught all of us great life lessons such as accepting everyone for who they are, respect, and inclusion. All the staff did an amazing job at making this the best summer ever.
Jessica Azeff, Montreal, Quebec

The trip was fun. Andy is so awesome and really cares for us. He is nice and excellent and a great director. The rest of the staff was great too.
Hayden Menell, Boulder, Colorado

My leader John made a difference in my life. He is a great man. All the staff deserved raises!
Jacob Aronson, New York, New York

Meeting new people, traveling and learning was a once in a lifetime experience I would definitely do again. My Director Natasha was AWESOME. All the staff was excellent, you could tell Maddie anything, Alison was really fun & outgoing, Lucas was motivational and Hogan was very cool.
Sylvia Probst, Riverside, Connecticut

Our staff was amazing and was constantly interacting with us as friends while also setting boundaries. My Director Jordi is amazing, enthusiastic, outgoing and caring. I would not trade our leaders for anyone else; they filled the trip with excitement and fun.
Nicholas Danduone, Rockaway, New Jersey

Participating in this program changed me because I have learned to see the good in all people. My Director Kara was extremely hospitable and responsible. All the staff was really fantastic, accommodating and good at making everyone feel comfortable.
Claire Collins, Charlotte, North Carolina

My staff Jason and Kevin were excellent role models who acted like brothers I’ve never had.
Julia Horowitz, Toronto, Ontario

All my staff was super nice and considerate about our needs and safety. My Director, Nick was super funny, and made the trip as enjoyable as possible. My leader Brianna was very funny and motherly. My leader Leslie was really funny, fun, and makes connections and friendships as well as keeping us safe and making it all enjoyable. This was a fun trip with awesome activities. I’ve made lots of friends!
Rylee German, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The trip was a great experience and very fun. My Director Boh was funny but knows when to be serious; our leader Tamar is so fun to be around and Lindsey is so nice and fun to talk to.
Lucy Taylor, New York, New York

All the staff was excellent! Jordanna, my Director, was always positive and the leaders were friendly and awesome.
Ben Greenspan, Westport, Connecticut

This was the best three weeks of my life! Sara was a perfect Trip Director and the staff was so nice, trustworthy, funny and kind.
Megan Cahalin, Fort Lauderdale, Florida