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  • Why Being a Program Leader Could be the Best Summer Job You’ll Ever Have

    WCC Summer Staff

    Have you ever had a summer job that you looked forward to all year? How about one where you were paid to travel? As a leader on our summer programs for teens, you’ll get to experience one of the most rewarding jobs of your life. “Being a Trip Leader is one of the most fulfilling […]

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  • Great Times in Greece

    Great Times in Greece 1

    Opa! Our time in Greece has been a blast so far. We continued this part of our trip on a high note, as we were literally high up in the mountains of Monodendri! Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, we looked forward to our bus ride just for the incredible views! Our driver made the […]

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  • Enjoying the Beauty of Monteverde

    Enjoying the Beauty of Monteverde 1

    We have done so much since our last update and have had so many new experiences. We have met, connected with, and said goodbye to two groups of campers at Parque EcoPaz. We have gone zip-lining, taken a cooking class, and bathed in hot springs. And in-between all of this, we are enjoying spending time […]

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  • Act 2: WCC takes UCLA

    Act 2: WCC takes UCLA 1

    Scene 1: This is Hollywood After another great day of classes, we split up into two groups and ventured out to discover two new places in L.A. – Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood.  In Hollywood, we visited the Hollywood & Highland Mall and ate among the (Walk of Fame) stars! Our program members visited the […]

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